Friday, August 17, 2012

fabric schmabric

90% of my original fabric order arrived last night. I was so excited...until I realized that there was no way I ordered enough. I think I'm going to ban myself from ordering fabric online. I'm obviously not good with it.

I quickly realized that my 1/2 yard of fabric would only make one pillow each (damn!).  I laid out the fabric over the larger pillows we have to see what they would look like. Ehh...wasn't too crazy about it. So, I decided I'll use that printed fabric for accent pillows, and then get something less printy/more grey for the big pillows. To my dismay, the fabric brand that I was using didn't have a solid grey..or storm as they call it. I was able to find a "Storm" solid, but it's stretch knit and I'm not sure that will work. So, I now have 4 options..I hate decisions.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4
Okay, so..the fabric in question is the upper right of each option. The upper left is my curtain fabric and the two prints below are the accent pillows. Based on the pictures alone I think Option 3 matches the best, but since the curtains are hanging in my house I know that the beige tones that you see in the picture in aren't really there, so I'm torn. I could just order samples, which I'll probably do. More waiting. Fun.

I also realized that I only got enough fabric to make toddler sized poofs. But I think I might just go with it since honestly, I don't have room for teen size poofs anyway. Oh, and I guess they are really called rollie pollies or something. Whatever. This is the small one. Still cute.

 If I can figure it out I may try to get it from 17" to like 20" so we'll see. Great tutorial over at living with punks. love that blog name. ha!

As always, now I just have to figure out when to do them. We have a birthday party this weekend and then I'm working on wedding invites with my sister-in-law. Maybe I'll have them done by Christmas and can throw them under the tree...hmmm..

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