Thursday, August 30, 2012

shower me with your love...

As I mentioned, this past weekend was my sister-in-law's wedding shower and bachelorette party. What a great way to spend the day. The shower was amazing, she got so much fun stuff and the room looked beautiful. Big props to my mother-in-law for making amazing food (as always) and my other sister-in-law Nicole for organizing such a great shower for her sister while living in Vegas the whole time.

I decided instead of getting her and Matt (her fiance) gifts off the registry, I'd try to go the creative thoughtful route. The first thing I found which I was in love with was a special moments wine basket.  Basically five bottles of wine, each with a tag letting you know when to drink it, and a cute little poem.

this is not the actual basket i put together-totally forgot to take a pic. oops!

Here's a close up of one of the tags:

Now, in case you are going (as I did) OMG!! This is the best idea ever! Here is a link to Occasions which has a tutorial and you can download either the pdf of the green labels, or a zip file with 12 different colored labels! Woot!
You're welcome :)

I also started scouring Etsy for some cool ideas. I love this:

And this:

Unfortunately I hadn't given myself adequate time to allow for such personalized gifts to be made and shipped in time for the wedding. Boo :(

Then I found this:

Can you say love?

Again, there was no way that I could get it ordered in time, but figured it might be something I could make. I'm so bummed that picnik is gone because it would have been the perfect (and free!) program to make this in. Luckily though I'm a genius and decided that since I didn't have Adobe InDesign on my new computer, I would download a 30 day trial and work my magic.  I then texted Jenn stealthily found out the dates I needed from my sister in law and got to work. I created the document in InDesign using similar fonts and using black and hot pink (their wedding colors). I then got a nice big frame and viola!

I love this idea so much I actually made one of our dates too. Once it's up and framed I'll share. You can do this with any sort of important dates: kids birthdays, anniversary, weddings. Oh, and I'd definitely check out the Etsy shop too because The Memory Gallery has some other really cool stuff as well :)

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