Friday, September 7, 2012

beaches and superheros

is this week over yet? no. seriously. I'm not one to wish away time, but wow, there has just been so much going on!

Last weekend we were in RI for our farewell to summer. The weekend started with me leaving work early on Friday and picking up the kids so we could head to Newport for a birthday suprise for Jackson. My parents had gotten tickets for "Day out with Thomas" on the Newport Dinner Train.  This was Jackson's third time, but the magic has still not worn off. We didn't tell him where we were going, and when we pulled up to the train station Thomas was there. He looked at me and said "Mommy! How did Thomas know it was my birthday??" It was a great time, and so much more laid back then the ones we've done at Edaville. We had some snacks, met Sir Toppamhat, and got to play with train tables and legos. The ride itself was nice as the train was air conditioned.

After the train ride we headed back to the beach house as Jackson calls it, where he was greeted with a bouncy house that my parents had gotten him. He said "Mommy!! Did you get that for me?" I told him no, that Nana did. " Nana!! You got that for me? Aww..come here. I need to give you a great big hug! This is the best birthday ever". Seriously. This kid kills me.

On Saturday we went to the beach and then went back to the house to get ready for Jackson's party. We had cake and presents, and after Taylor was in bed had a lovely fireworks display thanks to Auntie Lissa & Uncle Jamie. Complete with rogue firework that shot in the neighbors yard and landed in one of my Aunt's plants. It was pretty funny (don't worry, no one was hurt).

We hit the beach again on Sunday and then on Monday went to the Roger Williams Zoo (love that place). Then it was back home. We had such a great time, but it was bittersweet. The final weekend of the summer. We'll be back in RI again a few more times this year for my Dad's race in October and "Christmas in Rhode Island" but it's not the same. I think the end of the summer combined with Jackson being four was making me a little sad. Where did the time go?

Well, this week week I've been in full birthday party planning mode. We are having a Superhero party for Jackson on Saturday. yikes!! I'm making superhero capes for all the kids (thanks Mom & Lissa for helping me cut everything over the weekend!). The to do list is just out of control. So, needless to say, any house projects are on hold until after I survive this weekend...and Jackson's first day of preschool next week. EEK!!
jackson modeling his superhero cape-he prefers to wear it backwards

I did get a few new treats for the house though. My rug from urban outfitters came in. I think once the cabinets are painted it's going to really pop.

I also scored this amazeballs throw from Nordstrom. I litterally googled "grey throwblanket" and this baby popped up. Originally $68 on sale for 50% off. Yes. Please. I have always wanted a nice thick knit blanket, but they are always so expensive, so I was really excited. Here it is on my awesome green couch. Jackson says it's my cuddly blanket :)

Hoping next week to tackle throw pillows, and the bedroom. Which has pretty much become a dumping ground for anything I don't want out in the other rooms in the house. Such a mess :(

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