Monday, October 1, 2012


My apologies to anyone other than the three people I know that read this (hi melissa kelly & natalie!) as I have been totally MIA for the past few days. I have a bunch of posts ready to go, I just need to add all my awesome pictures. Unfortunately, since I can't turn on my computer at home without Taylor foaming at the mouth I haven't had a minute to do the whole upload pictures thing. Tonight my friends, tonight is the night. (assuming I don't have any shows recording on my DVR that I need to watch. priorities!)

photo found here


  1. hahaha! I want to see those pics!!

    I am still trying to convince the guy to let me prime and paint these... but he will be gone this weekend and who knows what a long weekend will bring...


  2. do it this weekend!! you and Aiiden can totally knock this out while he's away. or you can leave Aiden with me so Taylor can pretend she has a dog of her own. she loves dogs. she's the dog whisperer. LOL

  3. You offically have four people :)

  4. woohoo!! 4.5 because my brother in law reads the excerpts from google+. I'm famous!! HHHAHAHAAH