Monday, November 12, 2012

lots of thankful stuff

I'm pretty sure that I'm super duper behind on my November Challenge, so let's play a bit of catch-up shall we?

let's see...last one I did was day 5, so I have 7 things to be thankful for.

*NEIGHBORS.* This may sound odd, but hear me out. We live in a condo, which I constantly complain about, but there's a lot of good things about it. There's a sense of safety and security since even though you are in your own "house" you have people all around you.  If you are lucky, like I am/was those people that are around you will rock.  From borrowing eggs & sugar, to late night glasses of wine, quick babysitting sessions so one of us can run out real quick, to helping change a light.  I've been very, VERY fortunate to have the neighbors I have. Most with kids, most with kids around my kids age, we've been lucky.  With that said, times are changing and as much as I'd love to stay in my little safety nest of a condo, we all need to move on. Especially since we all have kids...and kids take up a lot of space. A few months ago my closest neighbors left...such a sad day, but so happy for them, and now this weekend another neighbor is moving on to greener pastures. I know it will be my turn sooner or later, and that's exciting, but it's scary to think of living in a big house with no one "right there" in case I need to come over with a fire extinguisher when your oven decides to catch fire. Just sayin.

*HEALTH*. I'm pretty healthy, my family is pretty healthy. I think we tend to take this for granted until something awful happens to us or someone we love. so, I'm pretty thankful that everyone I know and love is okay in this department.

*THURSDAY NIGHT TV*  Seriously, I"m so glad Glee is back. I'm thankful that shows like Grey's and Glee exist, and more importantly that Mike goes out on Thursday nights so I can watch my shows in peace.

Hmm...well that's three, I'll be back later with the rest.  Hope you all had an amazing weekend. I did, and I'll share all about it, as well as some exciting news about guest posts later!


  1. love my Thursdays too. with Sushi and wine, locked away in our bedroom! lol.


  2. You really need to start watching Vampire Diaries so you can be uber thankful for Thursdays. There's nothing like watching Vampire Diaries and Glee back to back. True bliss. I am thankful for a nice husband who let's me watch both when we only have one TV though I secretly think he enjoys Glee..