Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

Jackson's pre-school has a library and the other day he came home with a Thomas the Train DVD and a new Truck book.  We were sitting down reading the book. I read it once, then he reads it to me.  There is one page of the book that says "trucks can carry anything from concrete-blocks to running shoes".

From Trucks by Ken Robbins

Well, when Jackson "reads" the story, this turns into "trucks can carry concrete-blocks, unicorns, and shoes"


then is hit me.
bubble guppies.

I won't even try to explain them.

I've looked everywhere for the episode online to share, but can't find it. Let's just say the episode is about trucks, and somehow there is a truck that's carrying unicorns, and unicorns love hay.  In fact, they constantly say "haaayyyyy!" during their scene.

okay. in my head this was going to be a funnier time i'll just post a picture on wordless Wednesday..


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