Thursday, January 3, 2013

december photos

much, MUCH better than my feeble attempt at my November instagram photos if I do say so myself!

I really need to get better at instagraming my pictures...should have added that to my resolutions!!! Speaking of which..I am totally kicking a$$ on my spending fast. I totally did NOT buy Taylor new boots yesterday (they were $13!) and did not get a new lens for my camera. nope. definitely not here. I was told by And Then We Saved to stock up before the spending fast begins, which I didn't have a chance to do because of the holidays, so I'm just calling the 1st and 2nd days of this year my stock up days. I'm done. Promise.

I was thinking too that I didn't really come up with any household to do's for this year. I do want to paint the bathroom and need to rearrange the bedroom. Also really want to get some new art for the living room and above the dining room table.  I have a few ideas (where the heck did I put those snapstagram photos I got right before X-Mas???) and will DIY both projects, so that way I can stay within my spend fast!!

okay, so back to my photo's from last month. I think my favorite is the one of Taylor taking a picture. She does this all the time. I actually have a few on my real camera of her taking pictures of things like her rocking horse and princess tent.  Everytime I try to get her to hold it the right way she just turns in around. Silly thing.

You may also notice some pretty kick a$$ hats going on up in here. The cabbage patch hat is from Kelly. I told Taylor it's a princess hat so she's all about wearing it.  The other amazing hats we have are from my cousin Kaitlin. Seriously, this girl can knit. Like, I have no idea why she doesn't have an etsy shop yet.  The hat Jackson has on is a Christmas Tree with lights. LIGHTS!!!  It's a little big but I love that because we can definitely use it for the next few years. It's all packed up with my Christmas stuff so I know where to find it for next year. So awesome.

Lot's of fun stuff coming this month too!! One day (soon I hope) Liss will reveal more of her nursery projects! I will figure out my camera and become and instant professional photographer, and I may or may not be turning another year older. Let's do this January!


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