Monday, April 8, 2013

whoop! whoop!

Do you feel it? It's SPRING!!!

I promise. It will get old and I'll stop beginning each post with "it's finally nice out". But for now..just deal :)

The weekend was for the most part just as lovely as I had hoped. I didn't get to completely tackle my storage room, but I'm hoping that over the course of the week I can get it done. We had some great weather and on Sunday took the kids for a walk with Liss her hubby and Baby Peaches.  I of course didn't have my camera on me, so I'll patiently (HURRY UP!) wait for my brother in law to send me some pictures.

I do have this to share though:

For some odd reason on Sunday I really wanted to cook. I hadn't done a day of cooking in a while, and knowing that my weekends were going to start to be really busy, I wanted to get some quick meals in the freezer.  I made sauce and meatballs, meatloaf, chicken broth which I'll make soup with today, and then shredded up some chicken for lunch for the week. I also made some mashed sweet potatoes with carmalized onions for a quick side during the week.

As luck would have it. I get to cook even more!! We have a lunch club at work and I had no idea that it was my turn tomorrow, so I had to run out at lunch to get some supplies to make some Buffalo Chicken Garbage Bread. So yummy! And speaking of recipes, here are my meals for the week!!

Monday:                   Pasta, meatballs and sauce
Tuesday:                  Steak Bites & Mashed Sweet Potatoes
Wednesday:             Balsamic Chicken with veggies and mashed sweet potatos
Thursday:                Kids Choice
Friday:                     Pizza Friday!

The real question is what will Jackson eat. He is so picky it's ridiculous  so fingers crossed I can get him to try something new. I also bough pink lemonade cupcake mix and frosting, so we may whip up those bad boys this week too.

Oh, and my amazing CVS shopping plan was a total bust thanks to not being able to go to my regular store. The one I hit up didn't load the new sales on Saturday by the time I got there, so my $40 for $4 turned out to be $40 for $15. Womp, womp.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

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