Wednesday, July 10, 2013

it's the most

I am so kicking myself for not checking my summer bucket list before I went away last week. Totally forgot to make 4th of July t-shirts. Maybe we can make Labor Day t-shirts instead? No?

Well, it's been a while. I honestly haven't had much to share, or time to share it.  There have been some fun changes around the house, a vacation in RI and lots of other things I want to share hopefully during this week if time allows.

I was able to cross a few things off the bucket list this past week on vacation, and one of my most favorite is the 4th of July parade in Bristol RI. The Fourth of July Celebration in Bristol is the oldest continuous celebration in the United States. In other words, it's a big deal.

Oddly enough, my brother-in-laws niece (now referred to as my friend :)) actually lives in Bristol. Her hubby is from Bristol and his family lives practically on the parade route in this really cool historic (i think) house. Every year they have this amazing parade party and a few years back Melissa & Jamie were going to head over (it's about 5 minutes from my parents house in RI). They asked me to come too and it was just me and Jackson and I thought it would be a cool thing to do. The parade starts around 10/10:30 but the parade route is closed and you need to do a lot of driving around to a.) get there and b.) find a spot.  I think we drove around for like 20 minutes and then finally found a spot what seemed like 5 miles away from the house.  It was also 900 degrees out that year. Let's just say it was a long, hot walk to the house, but so worth it.  I didn't know how awesome marching bands could be until this parade.

2011 Parade

2011 Parade

Anyway..we went the next year, then skipped last year, and even though my sis and BIL couldn't make it this year I was still able to go. I texted my friend to see if it would be cool if we stopped by to watch the parade and she said "no problem!". She was very cool about letting us join the festivities and invited the kids to stay and swim in the pool too.  I felt weird at first about being there without Melissa but everyone was super nice and we had a great time.

"practicin' my routine for the miss sun queen pageant. think i'm gonna win too."

As per usual, it was a million degrees out and we had to park fah fah away. The walk wasn't too bad and we hung out for a bit before we headed down to the parade. My friends family goes out the night before to save spots so I parked the stroller behind a tree so it wouldn't block anyone's view and grabbed a spot on the blankets to enjoy the parade with my kiddos. Except they didn't want to sit with me.


They totally ditched me so that they could sit closer to the parade route (and for Jackson I think his motivation was the cute young girl that was sitting in front of us). The young girl (okay..she was like 16 maybe, and so sweet) and her Mom (I think) we were the group, and I found out later had come up from MD to go to the parade. They were both super nice and watched the kids for me so I could run up to the house for a bathroom break.

As usual, the parade did not disappoint and both the kids had an awesome time. I can't wait for next year when my sister, BIL and baby peaches are there too. And here's hoping for cooler weather and closer parking spots.

ps. i effin love marching bands.

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  1. The parade in SOuthampton was cute but definitely not the oldest but LOVE a parade with bands and old town charm. AND the only Shag refernece was it's the most?!!!

    1. look at the caption under the picture of taylor in her 4th of july bathing suit :)

  2. what a great vacation!!!! love that you guys have a tradition during 4th of July week, with bebe coming next year, we keep talking about traditions... Of course a girl can dream about a house on the Cape or Vineyard, right?? lol