Thursday, July 18, 2013

night owl

I am so tired.
beyond tired.
like i have a newborn at home tired.

About a week or so ago we transitioned Taylor from her crib into a toddler bed.  I was fairly convinced that this wouldn't happen but decided to go for it after too many too early wake-up calls which were waking Jackson up.

See, for now the kids share a room. Jackson stays up a bit later so that we can wait for Taylor to drift off to sleep. The drawback to this is that Taylor wakes up earlier. And likes to stand in her crib. screaming MOMMY!!  until either I come in, or Jackson wakes up and comes and gets me.  I was feeling bad for my little guy. So that, coupled with wanted to start potty training soon I decided it was time to convert the crib.

When Jackson transitioned we put him right in a twin because we needed the crib for Taylor.  I had little to no desire to bring in another twin bed (even though I could borrow one from my sister) since I'm hoping (praying!) that we'll be out of the condo next spring an the kids will each have their own rooms, most likely with full size beds. It just seemed like an unnecessary step, especially since the crib converts to a toddler/day bed.

I picked out super cute matching duvets from land of nod and got Taylor a really cute bunny pillow. heck, I even made a bed skirt (tutorial on this to come as soon as picture are uploaded..what else is new?)  I made a big deal of Taylor getting a big girl bed and she was super excited.  Night one was a BREEZE! Went  to bed fine and was happy to see her in my room at 7am to wake me up. Easy peesy mac n cheesy.

Not so fast sistah...

I honestly can't even recall when at this point but she started getting up really early (like 6) and then that turned into getting up at like 3am. The first few nights I let her cuddle in bed with me then brought her back to her bed. She actually ended up rolling out of my bed one morning and I was all set with that happening again.  I have consistently reminded her before heading to bed that she can only get up and come get me when the sun is shining. She nods and then proceeds to completely forget and wake me up at 3am.  Every time I put her down she's back in like 10 minutes later. We are talking about an hour to get her back to bed. I even bought that okay to wake night light and that didn't do a thing. Well, except for at 7am when both kids came running in saying "it's green mommy! we can get out of bed" huh? why didn't that work for the almost TWO hours last night that I was up with Taylor?  I got all super nanny on her this time though. After the 4th time she came in I didn't even both trying to sleep. As soon as I heard her door open I got up, walked in the hallway, took her hand and put her back in bed. A quick kiss and back to my room I went. honestly, I can't even count how many times I did this. She FINALLY went to bed sometime around 3:15 (she's been getting up around 1am lately).

I am exhausted.

Many of my facebook buddies suggested just sucking it up and putting her in a twin, but guys, I just got all this cute bedding!! I'm going to wait two more weeks and then decide if its twin bed time, in the meantime should I order another twin duvet in case they get sold our or something? Are you amazed at my priorities regarding this one? Sleep is totally secondary to a well coordinated and thought out bedroom.

In all honesty, I guess I should have seen it coming as I was reminded so kindly by a friend of mine in an email this morning after my facebook post about the sleep issue:

Your sleeping issues with Taylor…I think you kinda had this coming to you- since you never had ANY other sleeping issues with your kids…  I’m laughing inside J

Thanks for that.
I'll be drowning my sorrows in coffee and five hour energy drinks if you need me.

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  1. oh boy!!! I know these days will haunt me soon and you'll remind me all about your horrors. lol Good luck with sleep training darling.