Monday, August 13, 2012

back to reality...

What a weekend sans kids can do.

My quick escape to RI was so needed, and so great. It was at times weird being there without the kids, and I found myself not really knowing what to do with myself with no one to chase around.

Saturday was a crap shoot for weather. When I arrived in RI I hung out for a bit then it was off to the mall with my Mom.  She asked me if I wanted to go shopping. I replied "you buying?" she said "yep!" and we were off. Totally forgetting it was tax-free weekend until we got to the off ramp for the mall.  I think we both forgot that even though we were in RI, the mall was in MA. Oops! Luckily, the mall itself wasn't so packed, we did some shopping (mostly for Jackson's birthday) and had lunch then headed back.

I probably should have mentioned that before we went to the mall we stopped at my Aunt and Uncles pasta shop that had just opened up. I can't even explain how exciting it was.  I've seen the progress of the shop as they were fixing it up, so to see it all done, with people working there and customers coming in was just so great. I'm so happy for them and really hope it does well.

So, after the mall we headed back to the house to change for the beach. The drive back was so sunny and bright and I was excited to log some hours sitting on the beach and reading.  Unfortunately, as we drove to the beach it started raining. Not too badly, but it was discouraging. We hung out in the car for a bit in the beach parking lot, then just went for it.  Sure, it was a little wet. But sooo nice. The beach was obviously not busy, the waves were huge, and all I had to do was sit, and read.

We stayed for almost two hours then headed back for dinner. We had steamers, lobsters, grilled chicken wings and gnocchi (or yorkie as my Mom was calling it) from the pasta shop. After dinner my Aunt came over to tell us about how the day at the shop went (it was good!) and then we watched a movie and I was off to bed. And by bed I mean lying in bed reading. Until 2am. So much for getting to bed early!! I figured I a.) never get to stay up and read and 2.) no kids are here to wake me up.

The next day was much better and we headed to the beach around 10am. More reading. It was actually pretty warm too so we went in the water. The waves were CRAZY!! We left around 2:30 and I headed back to get ready to go home.

The kids didn't come home until 6:15 (they were with Michael at his Mom's house) so I got to go food shopping and fold some laundry. I was so excited to see them all when they got home. It was fun to be away, but I missed my crazies and Michael. I probably should mention that because I was home later than planned, and the weather was a bit sketchy at home, we didn't make it so St. Rocco's. Pretty bummed, but there's always next year!

So, now back to reality. I definitely feel so much more relaxed. I think I really just needed some time to myself, because honestly, it never happens.

I have tons to do this week. We have two birthdays (anyone have any ideas on what Jackson can make his Papa for a gift?), and I need to get cracking on the gifts I'm making for my sister in laws shower. Oh! And my fabric will be here on Tuesday so I need to start looking at pillow forms and filling for my poof thingy’s for the kids. There's also like 15 million things I want to get at Target, like these ottomans, and that cool teal lamp. YUM!

Currently all the kid’s toys (okay, not all, but just the ones we leave out) are in two baskets next to the couch on either side. I think the ottomans will look nicer and I can close them and hide all the toys and use them as side tables. They're like $14 each so I think I'm just gonna go for it.

So, needless to say a busy week ahead, but I’m happy to be back home (and looking forward to going to RI in a few weeks with everyone to celebrate Jackson's 4th birthday!)

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