Friday, August 10, 2012


For me at least.
This weekend, for the first time I think since my bachelorette party...Wait. Quick sidebar...why when I type bachelorette or onesie does that evil red line under them appear screaming: "this is not a real word" or "you didn't spell this right"?? they are both commonly used words and should be added to the the interweb's (just got a red line when I typed that word too..jeesh!) vocabulary..just sayin'.  So anywho..I am going to RI by myself. No kids! Don't get me wrong, I love my kids, love my hubby, but man, I am excited. Excited to sleep late, to sit on the beach. Just sit. I don't think I've ever been so excited to just sit.  If you have kids, and go to the beach, you know that this NEVER happens. So even though the weather is going to be a little sketchy this weekend, I'm really looking forward to doing a whole lot of nothing.  I'm also looking forward to hitting up St. Rocco's Feast on Sunday with the kids.  When I was little, this was a big deal for us. Our Nanny would have a huge party in her backyard with tons of food, music and old Italian people I didn't know. We'd walk down to the feast and go on rides, eat yummy feasty food and enjoy the music.  Oh, and of course there was  the parade where they walk around with a statue of St. Rocco and people pin money to it.

The  feast has changed a lot since I was little and to be honest once it moved locations and the rides were gone we stopped going.  We only started up again (okay..I went once) after we had Jackson. We (me, Mike, Matt & Jenn) went when he was 2. It was a great time for him, mainly because there was a HUGE bouncy house. But we hung out, he danced to the fun Italian music and it was overall a good time. Here is Jackson dancing with a balloon on his head. I actually have a video of him dancing, but have no idea where that is. Note to self: organize video's and pictures.

Jackson @ St. Rocco's 2010

I really want to go again this year. Last year we were in RI for my Dad's birthday so we missed it. So hopefully I can pick the kids up at my Mother In Laws house on my way back from RI and we can hit the feast. My cousin and her husband will be working there, so it should be fun!

Viva San Rocco!!

Sr. Rocco's Feast circa 1989
Ha! I just realized that in both St. Rocco pictures there are balloons! Maybe St. Rocco is the patron Saint of balloons or something...

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