Thursday, August 9, 2012

my crazy

I realize that "crazy" it not normally used as a term of endearment, but that is sometimes the only way to describe Taylor. She is a funny little lady, and she does some pretty crazy stuff (for a 1.5 year old..we're not talking bungee jumping or anything...yet..)

Taylor was a spitfire from day one. Literally, I remember her just crying and crying for like 15 minutes after I had her (via c-section) and I said to Mike "wow..she sounds pissed!" It wasn't an "I'm scared, where am I? Where's my Mom?" cry. Oh no. This was more of a "who the hell just woke me up?! I was happy and warm and comfy and how dare you bother me".  Don't get me wrong, she did calm down once Mike had her and could let her see/feel me, but she made it known for those first few minutes that she was not pleased.

Many nights of Taylor's first few months with us were spent with her sleeping with me in bed, something that didn't happen with all. Jackson moved into his own room in his own crib the 2nd night we were home from the hospital. Because the kids would have to share a room, Taylor got to spend a lot more time in bed with me (sometimes in her bassinet...). I wanted her sleeping through the night before she moved in with her big brother. Luckily, that was when she was about 2.5 months old. I needed sleep. Bad. So she moved out of our room and in with Jackson. Thankfully, she slept through the night. I think this was because she ate SOOOOOOOOO much during the day. Her belly was nice and full and she was cozy in bed.

She was not a cuddler/rocker though, which is odd considering how much she slept with me those first few months.  Jackson was either rocked in his rocker or walked around his room for a bit before putting him to bed. We would sit in that chair and read books and I'd give him his final bottle before bed. Taylor was so not into that. She wanted none of the nightly bottle in the rocker, no books, no cuddling. When it was time for bed, she just wanted a kiss good night, her silky bunny, and lights out, and that's still how she goes to bed to this day.

Taylor has been pretty independent from the get go and was quick to catch on to things…like crawling, walking, using her fork to eat. Things that took Jackson a bit longer were seemingly easy for her to do.  On the flip side, the girl barely talks. Wait. I retract that. She talks, but just in some language that I don’t quite understand yet. Luckily she can say “yah!” and “o!! “ (for no) as well as wow, uh oh, and ba (ball). We’re getting there, but such a change from her brother who was saying all the basic words by now (but just starting to walk)

Great! Nice! Wonderful! you say.  So.....why do you call your daughter crazy? Well…this is why:

  • She refuses to drink milk. If she takes a sip of Jackson’s cup, she makes this “what IS this awful beverage?” face and puts it down.
  • She will have a full out conversation with you, but you will have no idea what she is saying. Repeat everything she just said to you, and then get mad because you obviously don’t understand her.
  •  “MMMMM” and pointing can mean anything from “I want” to “look at that truck” or “can I play with your sunglasses please?”
  •  She can beat the crap out of her brother.She’ll walk up to him and just hit him on the head. Mike actually witnessed her pushing Jackson away and him falling on the floor because he wouldn’t let her play with the magnets on the fridge. Girl can hold her own.
  • She is OBSESSED with freezer pops. Seriously, it’s like crack for the girl
  • She is equally obsessed with soda cans, Capri sun pouches, and my wallet.
  • At a pretty young age she was putting her baby dolls in their high chair and would feed them. She would take the spoon and move it around in the empty bowl as if she was mixing up baby cereal, then she’d feed her baby.  Now she tries to feed her baby dolls real food, like goldfish and grapes.
  • The girl loves shoes. any shoes. she’ll bring you 12 pairs, one at a time. Hand them to you, sit on your lap, and patiently wait for you to put them on so she can walk around and show them off.
  • She loves to scare people by saying "rooarr!!" and then starts laughing hysterically.
Overall, she's just a sweet, funny, silly, crazy little girl, and while this list is fun to see it doesn't begin to fully capture her personality and warmth.  I just know we are so lucky to have her, and I'm trying to enjoy every crazy minute with her, it goes by too fast. 13 will be here before I know it and she'll be saying "uh! i hate you Mom! You never let me do anything I want" all too soon.



nothing like eating some yogurt on the road!

yes, that is her brother's swim bubble 

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