Wednesday, August 8, 2012

STOP! Curtain Time


You get the picture. 
So I tackled my first ever no-sew curtains. On Friday night. While both kids were up. Watching Ice Age...again.  

Anywho! My curtain fabric arrived, and I was so excited. I really really love the pattern. It's so much bigger and fun in person than it was online. YAY!! So now I had a big decision to make.  To wash or not to wash. I was really against it, mainly because unless I took pinking sheers to all the edges the fabric would fray.  The only thing that was pushing me to do it is that it is a lighter fabric, and my kids tend to like to play in the curtains.  Fortunately, the horror of cutting all the edges won and I decided not to wash it. Now I will just have to ban my children from the living room.

With that decision made it was time to iron the fabric. It was a bit wrinkly from its trip from Georgia. Only problem...I don't own an iron. Well, I do, but its one of those teeny tiny ikea one's that you set on your counter. Not exactly what's needed when ironing 5 yards of decorator fabric.  Luckily, my best-est neighbor..who is actually in the process of packing up and leaving me, had a real iron. yipee!!

Once the ironing board arrived it was on. I ironed all the fabric and then laid it out on the floor. Deciding that if I just cut the fabric in half it would just be long enough to hang a little on the floor, I did just that. Cut it in half. Easy. Peasy.

Now, I probably should have taken pictures while I was using the ultra hold hem tape stuff, but I forgot. I then told myself I would take pictures when I did the second panel, but I forgot that two. My bad. The process was ridiculously easy.  iron on tape, take off paper backing, fold over fabric, iron some more.  I'll be honest, it was easy, but the first panel took what felt like forever. I found myself wondering if sewing wouldn't have been quicker. But alas, my first panel was complete and I had to hang it up to see how it looked.
WARNING: It was near impossible to get good picture of the curtains because of all the light coming in the room. sorry!

Already, i was in love! They looked so light and airy and the room seemed so much bigger and brighter. Mike was home by now so I asked him for his opinion which was " you need more clip thingys...and it's way too long". While I agreed, that was not the praise I was looking for. So I had my neighbor (the one with the grown up ironing board) come over to sing my no-sew curtain praises. Which she did. Along with telling me they were too long and that I needed more clips. Whatevs! I was so done with ironing for the night I decided to finish up the other panel (and trimming this one down) the next day. 

So the next day, with both the kids running amuck  helping me, I tackled the trimming of the panel, and the no-sewing of the second panel.  I measured how long the panels needed to be, and then trimmed the extra fabric from the panel I had finished. Once that was done I did the whole hem-tape-iron process again. Now that I had the right length for the panels, I laid it out and measured it to make sure I hemmed the other panel the same.  Here's Taylor & Squirt the turtle helping me out.
Once this was done the process was pretty quick, and I had both my curtains hanging in no time. Again, the picture quality is awful, but the amount of light pouring in was just what I was looking for!

I'm so excited for the rest of the fabric to arrive so I can do the pillows and what not. I'm also thinking about switching out all my black frames with white ones, but not sure how that will look since the console table is still black. Any ideas on that one? I was also toying with the idea of making a cushion for the console table, but not sure if that would work either. hmmmm....