Tuesday, August 7, 2012

scariest. moment. ever.

Okay, well not ever.  I think my scariest moment was when I thought Jackson drowned in the ocean. My heart never pounded that hard. ever.  But I have to say, my experience yesterday was a close second...or maybe third.

After a lovely lunch with a friend I hadn't seen in a while I headed out to my car in the mall parking lot. I should probably mention that I scored a sweet spot like 3 rows away from the restaurant...a near impossible feat if you are trying to park at the mall at lunch time.  Reveling in my proximity to the restaurant I sauntered over to my car. Um...car? Where are you car? I stood in the aisle of where my car was parked, staring at an empty spot, that I was like 2000% sure was where I parked my car.  I looked around, walked down a few more rows, and started to panic. Do people really still steal cars?  From malls? During the day? Being the smart person I am I decided to try to beep my car, or set off the panic alarm on the key so I could find where it was. I pressed and pressed that dang panic button but nothing.  Now the panic was REALLY sinking in.

"Do I go find security?"
"Oh my gosh. Someone really stole my car"
" What did I leave in my car? Oh crap..all the kids stuff, the car seats"
" How the heck are we going to afford a new car"
" Oh my gosh"

I started to walk back over to the restaurant, really trying to remember the things I noticed on my initial walk there after I parked.  Was that truck there? I remember seeing those "Reserved" parking signs, oh...wait. And there..a few cars down from where I was standing was my car.

I stood there...literally shaking (I think the adrenaline finally kicked in), staring at my car, hitting that stupid panic button on my keys. Nothing. It took me 4 tries and I had to hold down the panic key before it went off. What use is that? A panic key that has a delay?? Don't they know that people use that button for when they are panicking that the lost their car?!?!

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