Monday, August 6, 2012

O Fabric, Fabric! wherefore art thou Fabric?

So I've decided that my sewing machine is collecting too much dust and that the living room really needs some color. Like, bad. Currently the living room is a lovely blend of fall darkish tones. It's warm, and inviting, but pretty blah if you ask me. I started looking around online at different patterns colors and was totally obsessed with the the whole red/grey/aqua theme. Love. It.  I ordered a bunch if different swatches and patiently waited for them to arrive.

The day they came I was sooo excited. I gently placed each on the couch, on the wall, over pillows, etc. to see which patterns I loved the most. Problem was the red and turquoise were not getting along with my dark green couch. Oh! Did I forget to mention my couch is green? Here's a shot of the living room as it is today (well, technically after me and the hubby "reclaimed" it from the kids a few weeks ago).

While Jackson and the hubby had both decided on a good fabric for the curtains, I wasn't sold. I felt like it was still way too dark, and it didn't really pull in any of the other colors I wanted. I resigned that this pattern was my fate and the next day went back online to start ordering, when I came across even more fun color/patterns.  A bit more subdued but still had the fun blue/grey combo.

So, I ordered some fabric for the curtains (upper left) some for pillows (hounds tooth, polka dot and the zig zag), then I ordered the paris stuff for the bench in the dining room, AND ordered two other prints to make bean baggy pouf thingys. After ordering I realized that I didn't order enough fabric for the curtains, so I had to place another order for 5 YDs of that fabric, and will just return the original 3 YDs I ordered when it comes in. Which brings me to the whole where is my fabric theme. Last night I am overjoyed when my neighbor texts me "you have packages downstairs" YIPPEE!! I run down to find diapers (woo. hoo.) and a small package from the fabric place I ordered it from.  My initial thought was that it looked way too small for all the fabric I ordered. We're talking like 8 YDs of 54 inch fabric. I didn't think too much about it, nor did I get a chance to open it because Mike had just gotten home from work. We hung out and talked about our day, but the size of my package was eating away at me. I had to see how they folded up all that fabric. 

I cut open the package and peeked inside. huh? what the???
Long story short they put someone elses order in my packaging. Worst part is they are moving locations so my stuff (which they had to reorder) won't even get processed for another week. BOO!!! (ha! that just made me laugh). I guess the good news is since I messed up my curtain fabric order that should be arriving maybe its best to tackle that project before I get completely overwhelmed by pillows and poufs..

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