Monday, August 27, 2012


After an amazing weekend full of wedding showers, bachelorette party craziness, and of course our neighbor's son's first birthday complete with bouncy house goodness I was finally able to tackle one of my simplest projects: reupholstering the bench in my dining room. wahoo!!!

The fabric I had chosen was this:


Thanks to me receiving the wrong fabric the first time my order was shipped, and the fabric company moving locations, this baby was a long time coming.  I was so happy when it arrived last week (and even happier that the lovely customer service lady gave me an extra 1/2 yard for all my order troubles) and couldn't wait to get down to freshening up the bench.  But alas, I didn't get to this project till about 8pm Sunday night thanks to the craziness of this past weekend.

Reupholstering things like this are so easy. I just flipped the bench cushion over and removed all the staples from my previous fabric that was on there. It was a dark grayish brown. I think when I originally decorated the condo I wanted to live in a cave. Actually, it was like January so I was probably going for warm and cozy. I digress.  I took the old fabric off and measured out how much of my new fabric I needed.  I ironed it and then cut to size. I laid the fabric out on the floor and then put the cushion on over it. Pulled the fabric taught and then stapled away.

I realized that I should have taken before pictures, but honestly, I was so tired and Jackson kept asking for fruit so I just decided to take a few pictures when I was done. Viola!!

Please excuse the shoes. They've been moved to a basket to the left of the bench.  I'm also thinking of taking down the mirror and just hanging up some trim with hooks like this:

From Two Crafty Housewives

Or maybe just some hooks like this:

From the chic line

What do you think??


  1. I love the idea of the big hooks (check out Ikea) over the bench... and maybe a bigger mirror over them?? I know I always need that extra look before I run out of the house! lol. PS loving the fabric, where from???

  2. oh good call on ikea! i'll definitely check it out. I've gotten 99% of my fabric for my upcoming projects from nice and cheap and even with all the mix ups great customer service :)