Thursday, August 23, 2012

forcing the issue

It dawned on me yesterday, when my new pillow fabric arrived (yipee!!) that I am totally forcing this color scheme into my living room. I am so in love with my light airy flowy curtains, that I just want the whole room to have that feel.  The problem is my lovely light airy curtains are white, beigish grey and blue, and the rest of my living room is yellow, beige, and broccoli (that's the color given to it by Bob's Furniture).

happy light airy flowy curtains

sad, dark living room :(

What i would lourve to do is get this:

Hello lover!

Unfortunately, I don't want to buy a new couch until we get a house one day, so I think this is out of the question. Plus who am I kidding...a white couch with two small children. Not happening. I also really like the grey one as well, but I'm afraid that will just darken things up even more. What's a girl to do?

Enter in the slipcovers. Stop. I know. Slipcovers? Really? I have faith though. Faith that they've come a long way from looking like a sheet hastily draped over a couch. I'm thinking that a nice natural color will brighten things up, but not look too off with the current walls and cream rug.  Here's what I'm thinking...
There are some great deals on these over at Wayfair, so I think I'm going to shop around a bit and see what I can find. And hey, if I don't like it I can always return it :)

In other news, in an effort to de-wood (ha!) the kitchen, I've decided that bringing in a nice area rug will break things up. Maybe this will make things more bearable and we can hold off (or not do at all) painting the cabinets. We'll see. Here's the lovely little thing I purchased over at Urban Outfitters for just $44!! 

I think the blue will really tie in the blue from the curtains in the living room. You know, the really light, airy, flowy ones. Dontchyathink?

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  1. Add a blanket and some throw pillows... no need to be completely matchy but it will help! And I am soooo in love with that rug... I may neeeeed that for somewhere in this house!