Monday, August 20, 2012

Oh my!

I avoided it for as long I could.
I knew at some point I would read it, and being away last weekend was the perfect opportunity to just knock it off my list.
I didn't know....

I'll tell ya. The last time I read a book that fast (okay..well all three) was like, never ago.

Yes it's cheesy
Yes it sometimes seems like a 17 year old wrote the book (hello! how many times can we say 'Oh my" in one book)
Yes it's a bit dirty, kinkyweird sexy
Yes it's overly passionate
Yes, it would never, ever, ever happen and real life
Yes...that's what makes it good.

Now my days are consumed with I've spent a little time trying to figure out who would make the best Christian and Ana for the movie. So help me, if it's Kristen Stewart I will stand outside of movie theaters and throw silk ties and silver balls at people buying tickets.

Originally, I couldn't figure out who would be a good Christian. Obviously, when you read the book you picture someone as that character, but since my husband isn't a Hollywood actor and probably wouldn't get cast as Christian Grey, alas I had to think outside the box.

My initial thought was Christian Bale. I think it was because of his role in American Psycho. It was just easier to picture him being very dominant and doing that crazy stuff, and he met the description. So, I did what anyone would do, texted my sister proclaiming that I found the perfect Christian to play Christian!  Her response "No".

Let me preface this, my sister had already told me that when I did decided to read the book that I was to picture Christian Grey as "that kid from Lost and Vampire Diaries", and I sort of had it in my head that this was thank you.

So moving next idea was Eric (no clue what his real name is) from True Blood...with darker hair, a tan, and no fangs. Again, I texted my sister "No, way too old"

 What about this guy?
Then I read somewhere that Jensen Ackles was in the running and I since I am was slightly obsessed with him (like, when I played Sims on the computer my Sim was married to him) back in the day so I was a bit excited.  I sent that to my sister, and amazingly enough that was the only one she agreed with. Yay! I thought. We've figured it out!

but then she sent me this:

And I just found this:

So I might be sold on this one...


  1. your sister sounds very smart and intuitive. She should be a casting director, I agree with her 100%.