Thursday, October 11, 2012

apparently Jackson isn't scared of scary stuff

Jackson is a smart kid. He has all sorts of cute things to say when it's bed time in an effort to stay up longer and watch TV. For example, if Mike is home and I tell Jackson it's time to go to bed he'll say "But Mommy, I want to stay and watch hockey with Daddy" His latest version of this with me is "Mommy, let's watch YOUR favorite movie!"  Now, as much as I would love to have him sit and watch my limited edition Terminator Box set (sidenote: any terminator movie after the second one is stupid and does not exist in my world), it did get me thinking about what movies I used to watch when I was younger that he could as well.

When he asked me the same thing the next night I realized that I had Labyrinth and the Dark Crystal on DVR, so I told him that the next night after Taylor went to bed he could watch my favorite movie.  The next night after she went to bed I asked him if he wanted to watch my movie, he said no. At 8pm when I told him it was time to get ready for bed, well then, then he was ready to watch my movie.

I agreed and we started Labyrinth  I was a little weary about how he'd like it or if he would think it was too scary. Up until this point 99% of his movies are disny/pixar/animated stuff and the scariest thing he's seen is Monsters Inc.  I decided the best way to approach this was to talk a lot and explain things. Like when the Goblins are in the babies room.

Me: Look! Those goblins are soo funny, they are playing hide and seek
J: Goblins are scary

Awesome. Off to a great start.  I prepared myself for him being freaked out when David Bowie shows up for the first time.

Me: Jackson. Look at that silly guy. He has fluffy hair and he's all sparkly
J: No Mommy, that's the evil wizard.

He seemed pretty interested in the movie and was obviously getting it so I figured we were good. I decided to stop the movie right after she got into the Labyrinth and met the English worm. Which he loved. Because for some reason, sometimes he talks with an English accent.

When Mike got home that night I told him about letting him watch the movie and that Jackson could finish watching it on Saturday night when I was out with Kelly. I told Mike that I was a bit concerned about the scary orange guys. He had know idea what I was tlaking about. I was like "hello! the scary orange fluffy guys that throw around body parts?!"

Now, I do not scare easily. I like scary horror movies. Love them actually.  When I was pretty young my cousin was babysitting and let us watch Nightmare on Elm Street (babysitter of the year!). What she did though was explain that none of it was real and it was all just pretend, so for some reason that stuck with me and 99% of 'scary' movies don't scare me.  The only things that scare/creep me out are aliens, the scary orange guys from Labyrinth and Skeksis.

So on Saturday night I'm sitting at Kelly's house and I text Mike to check in:


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