Thursday, October 18, 2012


This week has been a total $hitshow. For real.

Week started off with Jackson and Taylor both sick. I went to work, picked Jackson up at school, dropped him off at my MIL, then picked them both up about an hour later to go the doctors, and then we went home.  I just could not drive anymore.

Flash forward to Wednesday morning. Jackson wakes up and both of his eyes are super puffy and swollen. He looked like this: no picture. I tried to google something that i thought would be funny, but no dice.

Another trip to the doctors...x-rays to rule out pneumonia  and my quick one hour lunch had turned into a three hour ordeal.

This week is kicking my ass, and on top of it we have my sister-in-laws wedding on Saturday. Which I know will be fun, but the kids are in the wedding and I just hope that they do a good job.

I'll be back on Sunday once the smoke has cleared and I feel like a real person again.

PS. AHS Asylum is stupid. JS

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  1. oh no!!! hope they are ok, poor things. Enjoy the wedding and please show us what your wearing :)