Tuesday, October 9, 2012

chalk it up!

A few weeks ago I scored a little table and chairs from IKEA for the kids...for $20!


Nothing fancy, but the perfect size for the kids to color on, eat, whatever. I was not thrilled with the color scheme though. It definitely doesn't match anything in our house. While what I REALLY want is this beauty, it will have to wait till we have a bigger house.

So, I started to look around online for what I could do with my little IKEA table. Definitely needed paint or something...and then I found this!

What I would have loved (would still love to) wanted to do was attack my dining room table with chalkboard paint and have somethign pretty much like the table above. I think it's just awesome. This started my search for other cool chalkboard things. How cool is this, unfortunately this idea was vetoed pretty quickly :(

At the rate my googling "chalkboard paint" was going, my house was going to be covered in the stuff. So, I reigned myself back in and decided to just start with the table. For now...

I had purchased chalkboard paint at Sherwin Williams back when I got all our other paint during the 40% off. They only had chalkboard spraypaint, but it ended up being like $3 so I went for it. After thinking about it some more, I thought it would probably be easier to use normal paint for this, so luckily Kelly had Rustoleum 1 Quart Black Chalk Board Paint 206540 (Google Affiliate Ad) some I could borrow. 

On Saturday while Mike and Jackson were getting haircuts and Taylor was asleep, I decided to get this project started. I pulled out all of the pieced of the table that would be seen from the box, laid down an old sheet outside and put the pieces down. I grabbed a paintbrush and stopped. For some reason the idea of painting these bad boys made me cringe (maybe all that cabinet door painted had gotten to me) so I grabbed the spraypaint.  It only took a few coats and things were looking good. I let it dry for about a day and a half before I brought it in. I would have waited longer, but the weather was getting damp and rainy and I didn't want to leave the pieces out. So, in it came. 

I then had to assemble the chairs, which I still need to paint..just deciding which color. Chalkboard chairs do not seem like a good idea.

The kids both sat and had dinner there last night, then I broke out the only two pieces of chalk I could find (going to get some at lunch today) and they went to town.

Please excuse the awesome photo and Popsicle sticks..I'll try to take some better ones tonight. Any ideas on colors for the chairs? Any projects that you started this weekend?/


  1. love this!!! I want to do a wall in our kitchen too... but he is an ideapaint guy (he knows the original investors) so we will probably stick to that.

    I wanted to start painting an old hutch that I want to use as a bart cart in our dinning room, chair seats need to be reupholstered, and a tub of mod podge waiting for me to get started. But the cold/flu took over, so everything is on hold for now....

    Can't wait to see what you do with it!

    1. ideapaint..i didn't even think of that! (and when I say i didn't even think of it, i didn't even know that was an option. LOL) we used to have that at infinity when I worked there. that might be cool to use too.hmmm...