Monday, October 8, 2012

The Nina, The Pinta, and The Santa Mynameisjackson

Yep....On Thursday when I picked up Jackson from school I went through his backpack and saw that they had done some Columbus Day art projects. When I asked him the name of the ships he told me the Nina, Pinta and the Santa Mynameisjackson. Hmm.. Interesting.

This past weekend was sort of crazy, but fun. Mike was MIA most of Saturday because of his soon to be brother-in-laws bachelor party. Which left me with the kiddos. All. Day.  In desperate need of not staying in all day I had already lined up Kelly to come along to this farm down the street from me that does a pumpkin patch sort of thing. Petting area, corn maze, pony ride, hay ride, apples and pumpkins. Sold!

The farm is like 10 minutes from my house. The fact that it is so farmy around where I live is one of my favorite things. I love all the land and the farm stands. I just hate that its so far away from our families. So, back to the farm. It was sooo cute.  On a little side street with regular old houses on it was this farm. We pet sheep and goats. Well, Taylor pointed at sheep and goats from her safety perch while Kelly was holding her. Jackson looked at the goats and said hi to the sheep all while some maniacal 5 year old girl was chasing the sheep around. I felt so bad for them. They were like "dude..please leave us a lone" and she was all "omgilovetochaseaftersheepandscreamyay!"

Once we were done with that fiasco we started to head over to the other attractions when Taylor caught sight of the hayride. More importantly, the horses pulling the hayride. I honestly can't recall if she's ever seen a horse in person until now, but she was obsessed. She wanted on that hayride bad. We got some tickets and jumped on. She would not sit down. She had to stand up and watch the "horshi's" the whole time. All while saying "horshi" over, and over, and over again. It was cute the first 10 times, then it was like "okay kid, we get it, you like horses".

Once we were done with that, the horse fun needed to continue so the kids went on pony rides. I don't think Taylor understood that she was on a "horshi" because she kept pointed at Jackson on the pony in front of him screaming, you guessed it, "horshi!"

We finished up the pony rides and then picked out some pumpkins and headed home. It was a great time, and the farm was really fun and they have a ton of events going on right now. I also learned that their veggies are organic, which is good to know (wish I had known sooner). We might be going back for their safe trick or treating where they kids go on a hayride and there are different stops with people dressed up (Dorothy, winnie the pooh, etc.) and they trick or treat with them. Sounds pretty cool.

So, Taylor is obsessed with horses, and all Jackson wants to do is turn the pumpkins we got into jack-o-lanterns. Overall good weekend. I also tackled a small project for the kids that once I take some pictures of I'll post for you to see. How was your weekend?? Getting ready for Halloween??

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