Thursday, October 4, 2012

nighty night!

Okay. Seriously?!? Where was this GENIUS invention when I was in college, constantly trying to nap in the library while I waited for my next class or whatever.


Okay, looks weird  but it helps you nap, which is really important. If it wasn't really important babies and kids wouldn't need it to survive.

Can you imagine??
Not feeling great at work? Nap on your desk at lunch!
Need a break from all that studying? Nap at the library

umm..okay..that's all I could come up with, but regardless, I want one.

they should come with a warning though:
WARNING! Do not wear to nap while sitting up. You will look like an alien and everyone will stare at you.

check it out here:

and here:

PS. I'm hoping if I link over to them enough they'll send me one to try. fingers crossed!!!

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