Thursday, October 4, 2012


So now that the kitchen is 99.9% done I thought I'd review somethings that I'm not so thrilled with. Most of these have been issues since day one, but now that the cabinets are all pretty and lovely they seem to stand out more. What doesn't stand out more and what I love so much now is the countertop. It has a lot of colors in it, beige, white, pink (huh?), grey and black. When the cabinets were boring and wood colored most of the beige and pink stood out. ick. ick. ick. now that the cabinets are nice and white the grey and black are standing out more and that makes me super happy.

So, here is my kitchen with comments:

So, obviously you can't read any of the comments I made unless maybe you click on the picture, so allow me to explain.

1.) Back Splash: in general this has driven me insane. It's a beige color and some of the tiles have flowers. whatever. It doesn't look AS BAD as it did before, so it may be livable. I would love to either paint it or take it down. Also love the idea of a chalkboard backsplash but Mike gave that a big thumbs down.

2.) Scallop trim over sink: This is a sore spot for both me and Mike. Hate hate hate this. Currently thinking up ways to creatively cover up the scallop or just replace it. don't get me started on the gross florescent light that hides under there.

c.) Random silver microwave: this baby has never made sense. All of the appliances are white, so why have a silver microwave. A silver microwave that doesn't fit the space. The only good thing about this is that it is mounted (still trying to figure out how since it is clearly not an over the range microwave) and not taking up counter space. Having a very hard time finding a replacement that will fit in the space correctly. I offered to spray paint it. That was immediately vetoed. Boo!

3.) Hinges: When we took down all the cabinets I looked at hinges. Hinges are expensive. I figured we'd be fine with what we have. Then we put all the doors up and I was like. Hmmm.. Maybe we should have sprung for new hinges. Mike is convinced that if we just change out the door handles it won't look as bad, but I'm not sure. I would give anything to have the hinges that you don't see at all, but not sure that's in the cards for us.

4.) One of the under cabinet lights has never worked. I just need to get to IKEA and replace it. No biggy, but needs to be done.

z.) Popcorn ceiling: I love popcorn. Like LOVE popcorn. Would eat it everyday (and so would Jackson), but not on my ceiling. This is featured throughout the condo, and though it drives everyone insane nothing will be done with it. way too much work. oh well. Popcorn Forever!

Still have to post pictures of it completely done now that all the cabinets are up. I just need to clean my kitchen and keep it clean long enough to get some photos of it. Wish me luck!!

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