Tuesday, October 2, 2012

and the kitchen fun continues

So, I have no desire to write much more because I really just want to watch "Once Upon A Time" so here are more pictures of what went down last weekend. Enjoy :)

primed and ready to go

cabinet doors primed

here's after a coat of paint-except for the black magnetic primer that took 7 coats before it would hold a magnet!

view from the bedroom of new hallway paint. happiness!

Ta Da!! 99.9% finished (stupid magnet paint)

So that's it for now my friends. The final two cabinet doors are up so I'll post photos of the fully finished kitchen once it's clean again. And don't even get me started on the magnet paint...what a joke.

I'm 99% happy with it and I'll outline my issues later on, but I have to say, it is such a brighter, happier place to be. I want to cook all the time now. HAHAHAH!

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  1. I am definitely itching to start mine after this post. This suckers are old and ugly and I can't wait for a coat of white paint and a new backsplash on them!!!!! They look great and I can't wait to see more pics.