Monday, October 1, 2012

get ready to rumble!!!!!!!!

or paint the kitchen. whichever you prefer :)

As I mentioned, this past weekend we were able to send the kids off to my parents to celebrate our anniversary by  making over the kitchen. exciting right? well, it was! exciting, and exhausting. I had started out earlier in the week by removing the cabinet doors and emptying out most of what was in there. Such a good time to go through stuff and purge. The cabinets that I put all our dry and canned goods in go waaaay off to the side, so stuff ends up hiding in there and I never know what I'll find. I'm pretty sure there was a box of thai noodles that somehow made its way from when I lived at my parents. Needless to say, that guy was evicted...along with a lot of other stuff.  All this waste really got me thinking, and I"m going to try to do less food shopping and more of using what we already have, but back to the kitchen.
here is my awesome clean and organized kitchen before

see how beautiful? not!

I had done my homework. And by homework I mean I read and re-read and watched the video's of my DIY guru's Sherry and John over at YHL. Check out their tutorial here for much better info on this. I totally went into this project thinking it would take about a week with all the drying time between coats. I was ready for this to be a marathon of a kitchen makeover and it was much faster than I had anticipated.Okay, so back to cabinet removal.

So I took down all the cabinets and drawer faces (except one that was glued on) and wiped them down. Okay. I didn't really wipe them down. I remembered that I should have wiped them down when I was sanding and 90% of the sand was actually dust. Whatever.  Rookie mistake.  I then took them outside and started sanding them. Wow. What a pain that was. I did this for two nights (once Taylor was asleep). Between the sanding and just general cleaning out of the cabinets, it was taking a while and I was glad I had started this during the week instead of waiting till we were kid free.
hi. my name is amy and i have too much crap

On Friday night Mike helped me sand and we finished all the cabinet doors, drawers and the cabinets themselves.  I also deglossed everything just to make sure we had a good surface to prime on. While we were sanding/deglossing I told Mike about my priming/painting plan and how long it was going to take. He wasn't buying it. He painted with my Dad for a few years and was not on board with waiting 12 hours for the primer to dry and then 24 hours between each coat of paint. I agreed, it was a lot (but I wanted it done right!) so we settled on a compromise. We'd prime, wait two hours, prime the other side of the doors, wait another two hours and then paint. He didn't want to paint the walls until the cabinets were done, and I really wanted those walls painted while we were kid free, so compromise it was!

Saturday we got up and I got the kids ready for their fun sleepover party at Nana & Papa's. Once they were gone I headed over to home depot to return some primer I had bought earlier in the week and get some magnetic paint. I decided I wanted this:

picture from iheartorganizing

cool right?

At this point I realize I should probably mention paint.  I had already done my homework (aka what would John & Sherry do) and had decided I'd go with Benjamin Moore and basically just get the products that they did since they obviously worked well.  A wrench was thrown in that plan when my friend emailed me something she received from Sherwin Williams about a paint sale. 40% off. Umm, works for me. I do love me a sale!!  To make a very long story short, I did some product comparison and figured out which Sherwin Williams products would work. I walked into the paint store and told the kid exactly what I wanted. His response "wow, you really did your homework"  thank you very much yes I did. I  ended up getting a different paint than originally planned. The kid salesman paint expert said that since we really weren't sanding down to bare wood that just a regular latex would work for us. The alkyd that I was planning on wouldn't soak in enough to make it worth getting. After I asked him like 4 times if he was 100% sure it would be okay, I went with it.  Got my 40% off and had a $10 off coupon. Score!! I also got some tack cloth (FYI. Tack cloth is sticky and tacky..go figure), a roller and some knaps. Just to be completely honest, I had no idea those roller things were called knaps. Go figure.

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