Wednesday, October 24, 2012

things i would buy if i didn't have two kids and a mortgage

or, things you could buy and send to me.

This girl (single, living in an apartment, no responsibilities, basically FREE fROM ALL WORRIES!) had on these amazeballs boots. They looks so beautiful and worn in. So, I asked her where she got them (Nordstrom, Gulp!) and then she told me the brand followed by "they are supposed to last forever" this my friends equals expensive, and this my friends equals IAMOBSESSED!!

FRYE Veronica backzip

This stuff I actually own and it is super duper awesome. I purchased it (for way more$$) last October and it lasted me about a year. I need more. I want more.

bliss youth as we know it moisturizer

Actually...this might be nice too:

youth as we know it starter kit

this is so on my Christmas list...and is so not happening :(

nikon d3000
I would live in this! Mostly because I have convinced myself if I had this outfit I'd look like her.
Gap Eversoft Sweater
this one would require a much larger living day

IKEA Karlstad
I think this would look so awesome with pretty much anything from a nice dress to jeans and a tee

Stelaa & Dot Mixed Chain Necklace

and finally...this baby. One day I'll figure out actual photoshop...but I'm a fan of inDesign..and always look at those super fun etsy prints or cool subway art and am like "if i just had indesign i could to this myself!"

That's my list for today. I would keep going but then I'll get depressed since what I NEED to buy are onesies, a new bath mat, and q-tips. yay me!

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  1. I just spit out my wine (that I am not drinking by myself while I work) while reading your NEED list. I am on the hunt to find you some boots. :) and umm I want photo shop but who's going to teach me how to use it? lol

    hope all is well and that you'll come over for cookies and milk (wine for us) soon.