Friday, November 30, 2012

back in the day...

I mentioned a while back that I went to visit my good old photobucket account and how much it's changed. Thankfully all my pictures from forever ago are still there, so I thought I'd share some funny well as something else super duper fun.


Ha! Remember these? Yup..these were from my myspace page. Ah..the days of spending hours finding the perfect background and perfect icon picture thingy's to plaster all over your I miss thee..

Here's another fun little myspace ditty I used to have on my page:


I was so profound back then..don't you think?


This is rocky the lobster. We bought him in MV when we went on a two thousand 12 mile bike ride. He hung out with us all weekend and went to bars and even deejay'd for a bit. he's way cool. i'm pretty sure Taylor hid him somewhere


I would have to write a complete post to explain this crazy guy and why he's so funny...just take my word for it.


 oh dear....

wow..there are just too many gems in that photobucket to share in one post, so I'll leave it at that. BUT..I will share something else. Forever ago, Kelly and I had a blog. It's still up, and I still visit it and laugh at how funny we were are, and what life was like 6 years ago.  So, without further ado...please welcome:


I tried to go back and change the layout/set up of the blog so it's easier to read, but no dice. Enjoy anway :)

Oh, and if the title of this blog got a little song stuck in your you go:

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