Thursday, November 29, 2012

cash back fail

I am totally and completely kicking myself this holiday shopping season. Last year I was so on top of things and it dawned on my this afternoon that I forgot to do the one, simple thing to make some extra holiday cash.     Shopping using ebates.

Ebates is this nifty little site that you register for and then browse around for your favorite stores. From there it will tell you how much cash back you'll get with your purchase. Click the link and it takes you to your favorite online store. Buy up your stuff, get cash back. Super easy. You get a check/pay pay deposit every quarter.  Now, seeing as I have done a TON of online shopping the past few months (you're welcome gap and old navy) I am so bummed that I forgot to make my purchases through ebates.  Don't get me wrong, you're not going to make milliions doing this, but it's nice to get a little $$ back when you've spent so much.  I think I got back $60 last year!

So, my advice, if you haven't done it yet, sign up at ebates and make sure you start your shopping through their site.  Feel free to send me a thank you check with some of the mula you get back :)

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