Monday, November 19, 2012


Today I was all "I'm going to be sooo super productive" and of course...that's not happening.  I had planned on uploading all my pictures at lunch so that I could get a post up and maybe even draft a few more, but alas, I was sidetracked by decided which was the best online photo hosting place to host all my photos.  I have way too many. I have most saved to an external drive, a bunch burned on CD's, but you can never be too sure so I wanted them backed up on the cloud as well. So, here I am..much less productive than I thought, BUT the pictures are uploaded, so I will share with you a lovely little project I tackled last weekend (and just finished this past weekend.)

I purchased this tray at Target like 100 years ago...or 7, whichever you prefer.  It's been doing its job housing everything from remote controls to juice box spills, and it needed an upgrade.

I had some leftover Paris fabric from the bench I recovered a while back and figured that would look nice and tie the two rooms in.

See? Pretty! So I whipped out my trusty mod podge and foam brushes.  I'll be honest, I hadn't used mod podge since the days we used to cut out magazine things and put them on boxes. Anyone else do that? It was like a pretty cool memory box. they are:
 And, here's what happens when your 20 month old decides to help. I was concentrating on applying the mod podge when I heard Taylor go "I sorry!" I looked over and there was mod podge everywhere. Awesome.
 But back to the project... I basically wrapped the tray with the  fabric as if I were wrapping a gift. Making sure to apply a nice coat of mod podge along the way and pulling the fabric nice and tight.

 And here she is! (it is a girl because she is French and fancy)  99% done.  I had to purchase some acrylic sealer which I didn't get tll last week.  I just sprayed it over the weekend and other than a few of the seams started to roll up, which I plan on fixing by touching up with my glue gun or tacky glue, she's back to her rightful place on the couch.

She is more than welcome to keep hold of our remotes and phones and what not..but here's hoping there are no juice box spills in her future!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and are looking forward to Turkey Day!! I know I am :)

Also, this weekend was spent monitoring two of my favorite bloggers as both were due. If you don't follow them, you should.

MODG, can't wait to see picks of Yoshe and hope your c-section went well.

Katie B...again, thank you sooo much for letting all your followers join you through your cool. So happy for you and your family!!

Check both these blogs off, they rock, and they both make super cute kids.  And please check out Katie's instagram feed as she posted all through her labor to make sure all her friends, family, and fans were involved. And I'm sure to have the experience captured on "film" for herself :)  Nothing don't worry. :)
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