Friday, November 9, 2012


I'm so excited that Friday is finally here..what a week!! This weekend we have a lot going on, and I can't wait to get it started. On Saturday we are throwing a baby shower for my sister (YAYAYAYA!) then on Sunday the kids are having their holiday photo shoot. 2 years ago I stumbled (aka found on a 'friends' FB page) these amazing photographers right down the street from my parents house. They are awesome.  Here are some pictures to show you how awesome they are:

See? I told you.

I can't find the holiday shoot from last year, but trust me, they were great.  Feel free to check them out...Twice As Nice Photography.

I also have a million projects that I've been working on/completed that once I get my act together and upload photos I will share over the course of next week. Get excited for:
* pillow covers (yes!)
* baby shower favors and centerpieces and more (no way!)
* mod podge fabric tray (finally!)
and much much more!!

post signatureanything fun planned for your weekend??

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  1. TGIF is right.

    1st - Love these pics!!!

    2nd - I am planning on mod podging some trays, painting the mini bar (or hutch that will be the mini bar) and hanging picture ledge in the living room. And our book shelf needs a major face lift. My plan is for the 1st floor to be done (or at least almost done) by Thanksgiving....

    shoot hope he's cool with my to do list, especially since I leave to NY on Sunday afternoon... lol

    happy weekend!