Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My new BFF's it's not official..but in my mind I feel as though it is.  In the spirit of being thankful I'd like to quickly thank my parents for watching my kiddos and my sister for getting to West Elm early so we had a great spot in line. All of this so I could be a total dork and go to the YHL book signing and meet Sherry & John. If you don't have their book, get it. Now. You can click on the link on the sidebar  under "Yes Please" on the right of this blog and order it on amazon. You're welcome.

I was nervous. Like, more nervous than I was when I met Joey Fatone.  I'm pretty sure I was shaking. More recently I had a weird run in with Jess from SYTYCD when he was in Newsies.  I blame the signature Newsie drinks they were selling for $16 at the theatre. Basically I saw him outside, ran over to him, and just hugged him. Like he was a long lost friend or something.  I think I scared the crap out of him, but he was nice about it.

So I was a bit worried about this run in. Basically, they share everything on their blog. Because of that, I have this "oh..yeah, I know them" feeling about them. I know them. They don't know me. Weird right?

Luckily the lovely ladies that were in line behind us (well, the daughter of the crew (who by the way was super cute and I want her shoes and necklace that she had on today..JS) who has her own blog and was hoping to get house crashed) knew what I was talking about and we had a few laughs at our own expense. Basically we feel like stalkers, but we can't be considered stalkers because I mean...they put all this info up on their blog. They share..we can't help that we enjoy it :)

I kept watching the people in front of us so that I'd know what to do/say when it was our turn. I'm such a loser. Anyway, they called us up and all was good. Sherry and John were super nice. Sherry spotted the picture that Jackson had made Clara right away and I assured them that I did not draw it.

Melissa mentioned how Jackson thought Clara was cute (which he does, he asked me tonight if he could meet her Mommy & Daddy too) and Sherry immediately let us know that Clara already had a boyfriend (Will Bower to be exact). I said "oh, I know! but, she has many admirers" They were busy signing our books and Melissa and I whipped out the lovely ceramic owls we had from Monarch Design Loft. We thought since Sherry is slightly obsessed with ceramic animals she'd enjoy this. They both signed them and took pictures of them (fingers crossed they end up on the blog!!)

If you want to see a cool picture of Sherry posing with the owls head over to Karen's (aka line buddy) blog, she has some great pictures over there :)

 We took pictures, then signed their "guest book" and of course made sure we had a West Elm cookie. Sooooo yummy.

Overall it was a great experience. They were both so fun and gracious and really took the time to chat with everyone that came out to meet them. I'm so happy and lucky that I was able to sneak out for a bit to go do this.

BFF Forever!!!


*on a side note I plan on seriously doing some make up experimenting with the help of because I look AWFUL in pictures. I swear my make up melts off my face by like 12. gross.


  1. It was awesome meeting you guys tonight & thanks for the shoutout! Blogger stalking is less creepy when you're not alone. How people stalked before facebook and instagram, I'll never know! ;-)
    (p.s. totally jealous you met Joey Fatone)

  2. Ha ha I love reading all these blog posts by fellow "stalkers"! Glad you guys had a great time!