Thursday, December 6, 2012

child labor

Lot's has been going on at casa de kenney, but due to lack of time I've (as usual) not been great about uploading my photos. I definitely need this, like yesterday:

Moving on..

I've tackled a bunch of projects over the past month or so. I updated our throw pillows to be more wintery, moved around the living room a bit, decorated for x-mas, made a new "kids corner" in the living room, and changed our coat hook/shoe storage situation.  I also FINALLY painted the IKEA chairs from the chalkboard table I made for the kids a few months ago.

I picked out two paint pods over at Ace Hardware, one in red and one in aqua. My goal in all of this is to start bringing in pops of red, and I'm considering painting the bookshelf in my kitchen red, but not sure if it will be too much.  I later read online that you probably shouldn't use paint pods for real painting, but I did it anyway. Since these were just cheap-o kids chairs, I wasn't really concerned with the quality.

Biggest mistake I made was telling Jackson about the paint on our way home. He wanted to see it so I pulled the pod out of the bag and showed him. This of course led to him having to hold the paint all the way home, then Taylor of course needed her paint. This all turned in to me getting home, setting up two paint stations, and letting a 4 year old and a 21 month old paint furniture. Pure. Genius.

This is the only picture I have as you can imagine attempting to take "in process" photos of two young kids painting furniture wasn't happening. Jackson actually did a pretty good job. Taylor was a mess and gave up after about two minutes (thank God!). I went over their work and smoothed everything out. It took 2 coats of the aqua and 3 coats of the red, but I'm happy with how they came out. More pictures of my new kids corner and all the other fun crafts soon. I also need to get my  hands on baby shower pictures (LISS!!!) so I can post about the craftiness of that.


UPDATE: I came across an amazing blog  (Mama's Losing It) and she does this really cool writer's prompt link I'm linking up with her today for# 3 What's the last thing you bought.  duh. paint pods. Hoping to do this every week. so fun!!

Mama’s Losin’ It


  1. Well how convenient that the prompt went perfectly with your post! So glad you linked up and I love the colors you went with!!

  2. How cool is her blog!!! love this and the chairs turned out great :)