Friday, January 11, 2013


Seriously. I was one tough cookie back in the day. For reals.
Let me take you on a trip down memory lane...way back to 19XX when I was in 7th grade.
I was a fairly popular "good" girl back in the day. I wore all the trendiest clothes from Limited Too. This way way back before Limited Too turned into a pre-teen slutfeast (aka Justice). Even before the signage looked like this:

Yep. Back in the day the sign looked just like the grown up Limited except that it had  "too" on it. Fancy.
It was preppy, cute, and expensive. But that's besides the point. I had a pretty sick perm going on back then too.

I got into all sorts of crazy trouble. Like one time, Kelly and I were at our friend Sean's house and him and a bunch of his friends and us all decided to take a walk down the street. Well..let's just say it was night time and when my Dad came to pick us up and were weren't at Sean's house we got in SOooo much trouble. Crazy right?

Well, the story begins in Mr. T's math class. I think it was algebra. I don't remember. What I do remember is that he was OBSESSED with the Mazda Miata and always managed to work a math problem into one of our tests that had to do with him buying or driving one. Weirdo.

So there I am, sitting in class, twirling my permed hair when I hear my name being called over the loud speaker, asking me to go to my homeroom (aka. Mr. French's class. He had a pet monkey. Don't ask.)  Also..I was going to try to find a picture of the outfit I had on the day this happened, just to drive home how tough I really was. No dice. I was going to attempt to draw it, but would much rather have Roo do it. Anyway..picture one of those big square collar pilgrim blouses, grey long shorts (koolots (sp) maybe?) and white knee high socks. I probably had on maryjanes too...


When I arrived there were two other kids in the room and a teacher was there. They were all standing around a desk.  "Amy" the teacher said "Is this your handwriting?" She pointed to a spot in a VERY pencil note covered desk where I had written "Hi Katie! From Amy" or something lame like that. In PENCIL. See, that was the cool thing to do. If you knew who sit at a desk during their homeroom, and you were in that class, you would write them a note IN PENCIL on their desk to say hello. Apparently  this was a BIG issue. Did you know that pencil can't just be erased off desks? Yeah..I thought so too. I honestly don't know if we had detention, but I did know that I was suspended. Me! suspended from school. For one. whole. period. GASP! I was horrified. I sat in the office with another kid that was suspended and cried. Like Angela from My So Called Life ugly cry. Cried about how mad my parents would be. How they wouldn't let me go to Aruba because of this (spoiled much?).

Long story short, we were all sentenced to cleaning the desks after school for like a month. Luckily because I was in the school play (told you I was bad a$$) our director (the school conselor) got me out of it because I was needed in rehearsal. Can't mess around with a production of "Lucky  Dollar Private Eye".

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  1. hilarious!!! Want to know a secret? My sister and I were actual Limited Too window models... Thank GOD we didn't have Facebook back then... hope you have a fabulous weekend. :)


    1. OMG that is AMAZING!! you just made my friday. XOXO!

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    1. ha! i know right?? thanks for stopping by!!