Monday, January 28, 2013

i'm baaaaackkk!!

What up fishes!!!

Today is the FIRST day that I FINALLY feel 100%.  I am king of the world!! I am also starting this posts off with way too many quotes. Moving on.

In a few short days my 28 day challenge will begin.  Assuming all of the recipes I've pinned include wine and popcorn, I'm good to go. Seriously, I have done nothing but pin recipes and have done no menu planning/shopping whatsoever. Unless you count the fact that I finally bought Melt. It's actually pretty yummy.

January is almost over, but the spending fast will continue. I have successfully made several trips to Target and one trip to IKEA without buying ANYTHING (other than what was planned). Did you hear that? I went to IKEA and didn't drop $200 per usual. I deserve a medal!

Normally around this time of year, and by normally I mean before kids, I'd be all "it's my birthday week! worship me!!" but I am so over it. When you have kids, things like birthdays are so whatever. I had a lovely birthday weekend though, so  no complaints here.  The realization of my age is setting in and I really need to step up my game with working out. So far I've done 2 P90X 2 weeks ago before I was on my deathbed. Let's just say, I don't look like this yet.

Picture doesn't' do it justice. If you watch know. This is my goal.  I will also go out and buy lots of cool dance attire just to really drive home how awesome I look.

Big plans this week. I'm going to clean out the bathroom. Technically I should hold off on this until Project Simplify, but I'm just so over all the clutter. So, tonight after Jackson goes to bed (who am I kidding, I'll do it when both kids are up and they can help me), I'm taking everything out of the closet, laundry area, and under the sink and having a purge feast.  I also have to cook and clean. And be generally awesome.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Any fun projects you are working on this week?? Anyone know how to white balance on a DSLR?


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