Wednesday, January 30, 2013

checking my list

I have nothing especially fun or witty to say or share today. Just an overwhelming feeling of "omgihavesomanythingsiwanttogetdonebuthavezerotimetodothem". Happens to me all the time. I can't help it.
I do somewhat better when I break up my list into tasks that I can accomplish daily. Like, one task a day. So, my task for today (other than writing this AMAZING post) will be to print out labels for my new filing project. Oh? Did I not mention that? Yeah, I sort of jumped on the washi tape bandwagon and now want my files to look like this at home:
Super fun right? I think instead of writing on the tape I'll make labels though. Assuming I have any idea where my label maker is. Ugh.

I've also decided that I want to cover my filebox and other fun desk items with a fun fabric. I'm going to look through my scrap fabric tonight and go from there.

Which brings me to SERIOUSLY needing to clean the desk and just that whole general area of our bedroom. Speaking of which. What a disaster area. This is a picture from before Christmas when it was REALLY bad. It's better now, but not close. I need to rearrange this room STAT.

And now I don't even remember what the point of this post was. Oh. Right. Checking one thing off the to do list a night. Since I just realized I have no idea where my label maker is (Taylor used to play with it..) I think tonight my "to do" will be to make dinner. There. That's a good one.  And now I've just remembered that I was going to do this awesome post about my birthday, but I guess we'll have to save that tomorrow. Perhaps I should put "awesome post about birthday" on my to do list for tomorrow. HA!



  1. I totally know what you mean. I was just saying that rewriting my to do list for the next day use to ease my anxiety and now it just adds to it. I was going to type a few things I want to get done in Feb but I felt like my head might burst so instead, I am shutting the computer and relaxing before bed... good luck with yours and lets celebrate that bday soon. :)

    1. I ended up cleaning out some stuff in the bathroom closet. I think I thew out 10 hair products that are way past their prime. Tonight, I'm just gonna chill and watch TV. Yes! Let's get together!!!