Monday, February 4, 2013

Monthly Resolutions

Well, it's official, it's February. Time to tackle the next resolution, to do, whatever you'd like to call it from my monthly list. The January spend diet will continue, and I'll keep you posted on that. It's super easy. As long as you never leave your house.

So next up is my whole 28 (can't do a whole 30 with only 28 days in a month!), and as long as McDonald's, meatball subs, beer, wine and popcorn are on that list I'm doing amazing.

I've totally dragged my feet on prepping for this, other than my lovely pins. I was sooooooooo tired on Saturday I didn't even go food shopping. I sent Mike, which meant I couldn't really get a decent list/menu plan together. So, my whole 28, is gonna be more like a "imgonnaeatbetterandactuallycookandstealpaleorecipesandnotdrinkduringtheweek" month diet. Officially starting on Monday, but I'm easing into the process.

I'm totally doing meal planning this week for the next however many days are left. I also need to seriously clean out my closet and bedroom in general so we can re arrange. I need to update my "To Do" list on the blog because way too many things are checked off and it looks like I'm actually accomplishing things and I'm not.

Our weekend was super busy and fun. Jackson had his first school friend playdate, we took the kids bowling, and then on Sunday went to my parents for dinner and a little shopping. I know. Shopping. But, BUT, I had a $25 GC I got for my b-day, and I HAD to try out the Forever21 jeans that everyone over at MODG was saying were awesome..and $10!!! So far so good. I got two pairs, and then Jackson picked out a nice neon yellow. stripped sweater for me. He obviously is in the fashion loop and knows about neon being hot this year. HAHAH!

I also ventured out in the snow on Saturday so the kids could play in the snow and I could take pictures with actual natural light. I'm uploading those tonight and will post them for all to enjoy!

Anna & Taylor's version of bowling


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