Wednesday, January 16, 2013

oh that's right...i have a blog

Well hello. It's been a bit hasn't it? Yesterday i had this great idea for a post and said "Ehh..i'll write it tomorrow" and of course now i forget.

Pretty much everyone in my house, including me, has been sick. I'll even include Wayne the fish who left us last week (but was replaced the other day by a new Wayne the fish).  Taylor has been on a streak of "Ahaha..I'm not going to bed, and once I do fall asleep, I'm just going to wake up 10 times in the middle of the night and be all like "hey..what's up?". This is friggin' AWESOME!"  (I now have "Thrift Shop" stuck in my head)

I have been a miserable bitch. Seriously, ask my hubby. I figured out last night at 1:30 am when I was up with Taylor that my crankiness is completely due to lack of a full 7-8 hours of sleep. Taylor (and Jackson for that matter) have always been good sleepers. This is not cool.  I was first blaming teething on the wake-ups..then she was sick and was all congested and snoring like a grumpy old man and coughing, so I figured that was it. But last night, last night she actually went to bed and didn't fight it. Last night, when I put Jackson down she wasn't snoring a ton, coughed a few times, but nothing like it had been. I thought we were good to go. I was mistaken.  I'm now thinking that we need to mover he nap to after lunch, because she's only been taking one in the morning and I think that's what's doing it. Sleep begets sleep right?

So that's where I'm at.

I've been playing around with my camera a bit more which is cool. Enjoying trying to figure out AP and my 50mm lense.  I just need another 4 hours a day to upload pictures and play around with them.

I'll have an update on the January spending fast for you soon, and maybe some pictures, we'll see if I've had enough rest to get my act together.

misery loves company. anyone with me??


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