Thursday, January 17, 2013


So yeah..this spend's HARD. I mean..I shouldn't be surprised but it really is. I haven't been as great this month as I had hoped, things have come up that weren't planned for..and adjusting to $10 a week is a bit much, but I'm getting there.  And while I probably haven't fasted as much as I would have liked this month, I have noticed a change...

I haven't bought coffee all month. Well, with the exception of Starbucks. Yep. That's right. Starbucks. I got a  $50 gc for Christmas, and that's been my one real treat so far this month. It makes me happy. I've only bought lunch once and that was because I left mine on the kitchen table. I mean, I kinda sorta have to eat. While I did make an unplanned purchase of an air purifier for the kids room, I managed to stop myself form buying a few things that I "wanted" because they were like practically free. One was a HSN Tori Spelling make your own card kit. Dude. It was normally $40 marked down to $10. I was like "YES PLEASE!" got it all the way to my cart and was like, "seriously? when will you have time to make cards". The other purchase was because I got a reminder email from shutterfly that I had a $20 credit to use by today. So, I obviously went in, made some fun cards and address labels, but thanks to shipping it was like $15 with the I again said "no thank you, it was fun playing" and clicked out. Go me!!! And perhaps the BIGGEST win is that I survived a Target trip...with the kids. Yesiree. I went in, bought diapers and toilet paper and called it a day. I feel like I deserve an "I survived Target" sticker or something.

So..that's my spending fast update so far.  I think February is going to be a lot better and I'll have one card paid off by the middle of February so that's a win if you ask me.

Also next month is my detox/whole foods challenge. I've started looking up yummy paleo recipes and have been pinning them on my 28 day challenge board. If you have any good ones send them my way. I'm going to be realistic about this challenge. I know myself and I highly doubt I'll be able to cut out EVERYTHING that Paleo requires, but I'm hoping just eating healthier and trying new things (kale chips anyone?) will get things moving in the right direction.  I've also started P90X again. A modified version ( I can only do about 1/2 hour in the morning, assuming I get a decent nights again..just doing the best I can.) I'm sooo looking forward to the warmer weather and running again. (Yes Liss, I know you gave me all your warm running clothes..but it's just way too cold at 6am to run!)

I've just realized my posts are seriously lacking in some pictures. I'll have to do some uploading tonight. Still working with the new camera. Loving the 50mm lense, but so wish I was home during the day to play around with it. I hate trying to do AP with the flash. I manged to take a series of pictures last night of Taylor crying because I wouldn't let her hold the camera. It's awesome. The only other person allowed to touch the camera is Jackson. He's actually pretty good with it...but honestly, he just likes to look at the pictures of himself after I take them. Vain much?

So let's March I'll be super in will have completely figured out my camera. Sounds about right don't you think??

Pictures, crafts, and general awesomeness coming back soon. I promise.


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  1. I give you sooo much credit on this one!!! As soon as I try not to spend it just happens. lol Well it is better here than in NYC. I seriously would spend 100 bucks between breakfast, flowers, the paper and a manicure.... lol Good luck girl!