Tuesday, February 19, 2013

hello oprah!!!

So it happened. I woke up this morning and had my "Ah Ha!" moment. Oprah would be proud.  It wasn't anything amazing..just a "seriously? get your act together kid". So, I shall.  Spending diet is getting back on track, and so is the eating and exercising. For real. I also think I should always have a 3 day weekend. I was so productive. I did some re-decorating (more to come once I take come pictures!) and even cooked. Like real food. It was amazing.

I think the best thing about this little ol blog here is that it can hold me accountable. But, I'm realizing only if I actually put down what I need to accomplish. So, once a week on Monday I will proclaim my weekly goals, and then check them off as I go. Seems simple enough right? So, it's Tuesday and while I would say technically I'm a day late, I just thought of this now, so I get a free pass this week. Here are my weekly goals:

Everything is more achievable if it's in a pretty list. Don't you think?
Okay, so pics of living room wall are to talk about the redecorating I did this weekend, and I think the rest are pretty obvious. My brain is full of other things I want to cross of the "to do" list, but I need to keep the list small each week or it will get away from me.

Also, this happened

Hope everyone had just as an exhausting 3 day weekend :)


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  1. This is soooo true, writing it down helps but sharing it keeps your butt in high gear. I may need to start posting my to-do lists. Can't wait to see your pics :)