Wednesday, February 6, 2013

crafty thangs

I did it! I actually did something semi-productive last night. Not that hanging out with my kids isn't productive,  but you know what I mean. I scrapped the idea of making grilled cheeses for dinner when I remembered I had frozen mozzarella sticks (score). This freed up some time to clean up a bit and then prepare my attack. My attack on my crafty things.

Most of my craft supplies live in Mike's closet. Along with a bazillion other things that do not belong to Mike. In my defense he has WAAAY more drawers in his dresser than I do, and he's a guy, so he doesn't really need too much closet space.  I currently have 4 bins of stuff, then one of those tall plastic bin of drawers.  I actually have a few things stashed under Jackson's bed, so I pulled those out too.

Part one was going through and organizing my fabric. Man. I have a lot of fabric.  I organized by color, folded nicely, and instead of putting it all back in a bin that I never look in unless I'm sewing, which obviously hinders the creative process, I put them in one of these:

I then found all my patterns, ribbon, other sewing notions and put those back in the bin and closed her up.  I have a bunch of finished products that I left out to take pictures of for when I open up my new etsy shop. More on that later.  I was feeling good. Motivated. And other than the kids running around holding a piece of ribbon pretending to be a train, they didn't really bother with what I was doing.

After Taylor went down for bed I pulled out all the drawers in the drawer bin thingy and started attacking my paper collection. Okay seriously. Teacher friends. If you need ANY sort of scrap paper, of any size and shape, or any scrapbook paper (in any size as well) let me know. I have tons.  I went through all the paper and put all the solid paper in one drawer, and all the printed in another. I also pulled out all my envelopes (yes, I have a ridiculous amount of colored envelopes thanks to making wedding and birthday invites) and kept them together.  The other two drawers are filled with a ridiculous amount of tape, glue sticks, and cutting supplies. I seriously have like 25 different types of scissors. The great part about this clean out is that Jackson totally got into it. Picking out scraps of paper and using the different types of scissors. I even had two origami drink umbrella kits, so we made one of those as well. He took all of his projects and put them in a storage bag and carried it around with him. HE even took it to bed. But I digress.  So all of the cutty sharp things are in one drawer, along with a bag of colored pencils and sharpies. And then all the of my sticky stuff (glue, tape, adhesive spray, etc.) are in another drawer.

I'm feeling pretty good about it so far. I have a few more bins (jewelry and sticker maker bins..yea...i know) to go through, but my goal is to have everything organized and together so I can actually use the stuff. Crazy idea, I know.

The whole time I was going this I kept going "I should take some pictures" then "nah, who wants to see pictures of all my paper and craft crap".  But now that I don't have any pictures, I feel like this post is sad. is a picture:

welcome to the blog mr.pig!

When I'm done I'll take a picture. Swear.

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  1. aw mr. pig!! I missed him!!
    sounds like you had the same sorting adventure I did with all the invitation stuff I have. OH and PS I have some of your craft stuff here- your embossing gun, a gazillion stamps, and ink...

  2. aaahh doesn't it feel good to get things done??

    I did this (organizing crafts frenzy) when I was jet lagged and up at 3am but after Xmas it got a little icky but I a plan attacking the shelves again this month.

    Why is it that every day the to-do lists on organization get longer and longer?? lol eeeek it makes me nutty to think of everything I want to do!!!

    Can't wait to see the pics!