Thursday, February 7, 2013

january pics

Truth be told, some of these are not instagram. I (again) did not have enough photos to fill a big enough collage. So lame. they are!!!

Hard to pick a favorite this month. The one of the kids on the bench makes me laugh though. We were leaving the doctor's office and they just wanted to hang out on the bench out front. It took me forever to get them to leave!  My favorite new camera pick is a toss up between Taylor jumping on the bed and the one of Jackson showing me his finger painted hands.  You can't really see it too well in the pic, but the one of Taylor in the fridge she has on princess dress up heels. Watching her "walk" in them was hysterical. Also, the picture of me and the kids at what looks like a bar is actually a hibachi restaurant that we went to for my birthday :)

I'd love you to follow me on instagram so you can see all my photos (i'll post more..crossies) and even better, # tag me if there is a fun photo that you'd like to share!!! I'll pick my favorites each month and post there right here.  #tink0129



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