Friday, February 8, 2013

Nursery Reveal!!

by Liss

with comments by me, in teal, cuz I'm fancy like that!

D-day (Delivery day) is looming so it’s about time I post the grand nursery reveal. Apologies that I haven’t posted all the individual projects that went into BP’s room, but I promise at some point (sleep-deprived or not), I will.

I really wanted the room to have fresh, clean lines and a somewhat gender-neutral color palette. Even though we found out BP was a girl, I am not super girly and a huge fan of pink, so I wanted to use some alternative colors that wouldn't scream one gender or another.

As a reminder, here’s what BP’s room looked like originally, serving as our master bedroom. In these pics the walls are gray, but before that they were green. Green walls and black furniture. Not sure what we were thinking when we originally chose the paint, but oh well:
After many many paint samples (there are WAY more than 50 shades of gray, btw), we chose Behr Natural Gray. My dad was nice enough to come over back in October to paint the room. I hate painting.

Without further ado, here is the Nursery!

 The latest addition to the room was the purchase of a twin bed and bedding from Ikea. The plan is that I’ll sleep down there the first couple of weeks while I’m acting as a non-stop milk machine for BP, and then eventually when she is being introduce to the bottle, J can take turns with me. For us it makes sense to have one person get some really good sleep and be refreshed in the a.m.  The bassinet is courtesy of Amy, the armoire was given to us by our lovely niece Caroline, and the plastic drawers next to the bed used to hold my craft stuff but now will hold supplies and things I'll need while feeding, etc. You can see some of the window seat in it's final state. The art on the wall here will eventually go and be replaced with something that actually looks like it belongs in the room. :)

This dresser is from Baby Furniture Warehouse. Amy helped me get an amazing deal (over $500 off MRSP!) It's well-made with hardwood box drawers and dovetail joints. There are scratches on the top of the dresser, but for what I would have spent on a cheaply made dresser at Ikea, I am very happy!

The aqua lamp is from Ikea, and the changing pad cover is from Buy Buy Baby. You can't tell very well in this photo, but the picture hanging on the left says "Dream Big Baby Girl", and was a gift from Amy. The picture on the right is a collage of 4 of BP's ultrasound pics backed with the same paper I used for the bookshelf.  Once the twin bed is eventually stored away, this dresser will move over into that spot.

Here's another angle of the bed/dresser, and you can also see a bit of the armoire. The coral pillow on the bed was made by Amy. She made me a matching blanket too which is currently stored on a shelf for now so the cats don't adopt it.

Here's a closeup of the armoire. Two of my favorite "pets" are displayed. These owls were also gifts from Amy. (One was even signed by $herdog and J. Boom from YHL!!) The lamp is from Ikea, and the shadowbox on the left was a last-minute project. I had  a bunch of medals from various races that I wanted to showcase, so I bought a shadowbox frame from Ikea, taped some extra chevron fabric to the back of it, and mounted my medals using clothes pins. While not baby-related, it matches, so I think it will stay for now.

Here's a shot of the window seat that I wrote about in an earlier post. Apologies for the poor lighting, you can see the blizzard has started! The window seat now has 3 bins from Pottery Barn (middle one chevron gray and the two on either side are aqua.) There's also a coral one in there that has bathing stuff for the baby that will be transferred to the bathroom eventually.  The glider is on loan from Amy, she made the coral seat cushion covers. Seriously she is the best.

A better view of the glider and ottoman. I somehow figured out how to make a cover for the ottoman.

The gray and aqua blanket on the glider was made by my mom. The bookshelf in the back was originally "natural wood" colored. My first project was to paint the bookcase and use Modge Podge to put aqua polka dot scrap paper on the back of each shelf. 
I SWEAR the chair doesn't look that oragny in real life!)

Closeup of the bookshelf and some more favorite pets.  You can see the scrap paper backing. How freaking cute is that bunny? Yet another gift from the amazing Amy. (etsy 4-LIFE!)The dog on the left was the first stuffed animal BP received as a gift, from the lovely Kara Rowell. There's a couple ponies hanging out in there too, of course.

There used to be mirrored sliding doors on this closet. they were sort of broken and made a very loud noise when I opened/closed them. Since we still have some of our clothes stored in this closet, I wanted it to be quiet. I took the doors off, hung a tension rod, and made some curtains no sew curtains. 

Another angle, you can see the crib with the chevron bed skirt here. the crib sheet is aqua, though you can't really see it very well due to the mesh bumper.

 Some more details about stuff:

I found the great gray chevron fabric you saw in the Window Seat post, and chose aqua as a coordinating color, with coral as an accent.    

I purchased the Babymod Cadence crib from Walmart in White (not a lot of $$ and great reviews)

Looking at these pictures, the walls are definitely lacking, but I plan on adding photos over time, and may get something on Etsy to put over the crib after BP has arrived (maybe her name or something).

Hope you enjoyed this nursery tour. All that's missing is BP!


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