Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Winter Pinterest Challenge...I did it!

I'm noticing a trend here. It goes something like this:

YAY!! It's XXX pinterest challenge time I'm so excited!!!!
post challenge, decide what to do get excited.

T-Minus 7 days: "hmm..I should really get started on that pinterest challenge"
T-Minus 6 days: "okay..let's gather the supplies for this challenge"
T-Minus 5 days: "oh crap! I forgot to work on my pinterest challenge"
T-Minus 4 days: .....
T-Minus 3 days: .....
T-Minus 2 days: .....
T-Minus 1 days: "CRAP!!! I really need to throw something together for this!"

So, I did FINALLY make the bunting Monday night. My inspiration came from a few different places, all posted on my "and one day I'll have time to craft" board on pinterest. Here are a few of my favorites:

Yvestown Fair Bunting
Urban Farmgirl
The Crafty Mummy

I was planning on doing  the ones like the Crafy Mommy had posted. Because of the pinking sheers you don't need to turn it out, and that was just one less step and that was good for me.

I was all set to get my sew on...then it was Monday night and I was all "ehh..I'll I be I can do no-sew ones".   So armed with my fabric, which I had cut out last week, pinking shears, and two choices of ribbon..oh and tacky glue, I set out on my mission to complete a pinterest challenge.

The original plan was for me to line each set of triangles up, cut the edges with the pinking shears, and then just glue them together and one the string at the same time.

What I ended up doing (totally by accident because I wasn't paying attention) was line everything up, glue the triangles together and on the string, and realized that I now couldn't cut them so they'd have a fun edge. Oh well!

So, here is the finished product. Not too shabby. I ended up having enough fabric left to make another one for another door way, but that won't be up until Taylor's b-day party :)

Not the most stunning thing..but for something that will probably just be used this once, I'm pretty happy with it!



  1. Actually, I think it's very stunning! And pretty! And makes it feel very festive.

    1. aww, thanks Stacey!! I think it will feel really festive when it's actually party day :) do 2 year old's appreciate home made decorations?? LOL!

  2. Amy
    It's darling! Very festive and inspiring.
    I found you today from Young House Love's Pinterest Party where I'm #584. I'd love for you to stop by my blog and leave a comment, too!
    ~ Megin of VMG206

    1. Thanks Megin! Heading over to check it out now :)

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