Wednesday, March 13, 2013

drop in the bucket

Last week I decided to do a quick craft. I was cleaning the shoe/coat drop off area..or as Mike would say, the shoe dispenser area and decided I needed some sort of storage in the corner to make things look more balanced.  We had a basket on the floor that housed snow boots, etc. but I am all about de-winterizing my house in a feeble attempt to make spring get here quicker, so that had to go.

Over the past few weeks I've been cleaning out and organizing the closet/pantry (post to come soon) and ended up having an empty Miller Lite tin/metal bucket. Yah know the kind that are used when you get a bucket of beer?

See how cute that looks? I figure I can throw some umbrellas (very spring) in there and my flip flops that I use when running outside to my car when I forget my iphone charger.

I had some leftover fabric from when I made the spring pillow cases (which I have NO IDEA where I put and need to find STAT) and decided to use the fabric that matched the pillow that was currently living on the bench in that area.

Got a few supplies out..spray adhesive, and then later realized I needed my glue gun too, and we were ready to roll.

 I wanted this to be quick and easy, so I didn't bother trying to cut a curvy template for the bucket. I just folded the fabric I had in half and cut it and then started to put it on the bucket.

I sprayed one half of the bucket and then placed the fabric over it leaving enough on the top and bottom so I could fold it over for a nice clean look.  Once the whole bucket was covered, I flipped it over and folded the fabric over the lip on the bottom and secured it with the glue gun.

 I have not used a glue gun in FOREVER, which was apprant by the burn I gave myself  :(

Once the bottom was done, I flipped it over and glue gunned the top piece over the edge. I had to cut out a little space for where the handles were as well.

TADA! Here she is all done and pretty!  I just realized I didnt' take any pictures of the seam. I had to figure out a way to bring the two pieces of fabric together where they met on each side, so I just folded them together and made a nice seam and used the glue gun to keep it all together.

 I wanted to do something to finish the inside edges, so I whipped out my trusty colored duct tape and just taped those down.

 And here she is in her new home, housing more spring like accessories!

Any quick and easy crafts or re purposing going on in your neck of the woods? Is it Spring yet where you are??


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  1. Love this!!! I am on the hunt for a vintage umbrella holder.... I'll need to take a few shopping trips but maybe in the meantime I can do something like this. It's feeling like spring today here in Boston :) and this girl couldn't be happier.