Tuesday, March 12, 2013

HOARDERS: beauty product edition

Welcome to this episode of HOARDERS: beauty product edition. This week we introduce you to Amy, a seemingly normal non-hoarder, until you open up her linen closet, or look under the sink.

It's bad.

Okay. Not THAT bad...mainly because every 6 months or so I do a "clean out" where I take everything out, look at it, decide that one day I will be in desperate need of some bliss soap with the bumps on it and will be so sad if I can't find any so I HAVE to keep the two sample bars that came with Bliss orders from like 10 years ago. Seriously. I wish I were kidding. (I just checked and they don't even make either of the two soaps I have)

I have thrown some things out, so my stash of beauty products has dwindled down over the years. I contribute a big chunk of my stock to the fact that I was a Body Shop at Home consultant. Do you know how much free/discounted stuff you get when you do something like that? A lot.

So the other night I resolved to really get rid of what I didn't need. I started with my make-up bag.  I have this super cool Bare Minerals make-up bag from like 2005. It has fun fold out trays and is filled with Bare Minerals make-up.  I had just run out of my Matte powder, and I have started using BB cream so I didn't have plans to replace it. I was using mineral veil that expired in 2010 as a setting powder, but thought that should probably go. I easily tossed out the Matte powder, then debated for a minute on the mineral veil, thinking it would be fun play make-up for Taylor. Nope. I must throw it out. In the trash it went.  I had a few other face products of which I tossed and I kept one tiny pod of  Fairly Light for Taylor to play with. It was time to attack the eye shadow. I have had a lot of it. Most of it from 6-7 years ago. So many colors, blue, green, purple with sparkles. When the heck did I have the time and energy to use all of this stuff? Ah yes, I had the time before I had kids. It all went. It was hard. I had anxiety. I did end up keeping two colors just in case I get crazy and want to go out and look like I put some effort into the way I look, but other than that it was gone.

It was now time to tackle my stash under the sink...all my creams and lotions and what not. I pulled them all out, lined them up.

I know what you are thinking.. "what? that's not bad at all". Please remember that this is the FINAL cut. I had about triple this..maybe more..

I pretty much threw out everything you see here. Wasteful? Maybe. I would donate to a shelter, but they don't take opened items..and honestly..most of this stuff is OLD and it needed to go.

It wasn't easy though...

I survived though..and I am happy to say that things are much more streamlined in the bathroom. The linen closet was attacked last night and I'll have pictures and a post about that joyous occasion a bit later.

All of this cleaning out stuff should be on hold (or at least maybe I shouldn't post) until my "Big Clean" resolution in May....but I just can't wait!

Have you guy been doing any spring cleaning lately? The warmer weather better get here and stay because I am CRAVING open windows!

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