Wednesday, March 27, 2013

got kids?

I remember the excitement and stress of organizing all of Jackson's clothes after my baby shower (and after going through everything my Mom had bought me). It was tough to figure out what the sizes actually mean. I remember I had gone to all the websites of the stores where his clothes were from and made a big sheet of all their size charts so I could organize accordingly.

That's normal right?

See it's tricky, because what's a 3-6 month in baby gap  may not be the same as a 3-6 month in gymboree..and don't get me started on Carter's.  If it says 6M on the label, it's the equivalent of 3-6 months. It's just crazy. And they grow out of them so fast!!  It's not much easier as they get older. They go through these crazy growth spurts ( 2 year old is as tall as a 3 year old..what?), and because you are not at the doctor's every few months like you are when you have an infant, it's pretty much a guessing game. I mean sure, I could ask my 4 year old to try everything on, but let's be honest..that's not going to happen.

To the point (there is one I swear).  I was over at Enjoying the Small Things and clicked over to one of their sponsors websites.  I was taking a peak at this super cute romper for Taylor and noticed a little orange icon on the bottom that said "Alva Kids: get the right size with Alva Kids"

Hmm...I wonder..

So I clicked on it, and behold, the most magical of magical of magical things popped up. You enter in your child's info and presto, it tells you the size.  I realize that any dummy can read a size chart, but once you get in to the toddler/kid world, it's not that easy. For example. Taylor is 36.25 inches..clearly a 3, but she's only 28 lb, which is actually 18-24 months. Crazy, I know. So this here little app or whatever tells you exactly what size to get..and it does it for like every brand ever. It's an app on your phone too, so if you are out and about and need help, presto!  I downloaded that right quick and am so glad I did.

Here's a few screen shots of the awesomeness:

See how cool? So go and download the app and then go shopping. Preferably for my kids. I'm happy to send you their stats so you can get the right size.

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