Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekly Goals

It's Monday!! And that means it's Weekly Goals day. WAHOO!!

Menu plan is still LAME-O, but I did some half decent food shopping this weekend so I plan on prepping some yumminess over the weekend for next week.

I also did a bit more research and planning for my food shopping. It was a truly exciting Friday night at my house. There were a lot of good meats on sale at Whole Foods, so I decided to make a very small list of things I would buy there, then a few things that I knew were WAAAAAY cheaper at Market Basket (like yogurt drinks etc.)  I was really happy with the way it worked out, and am going to plan on getting most of my produce/meats over at whole foods. I found that I didn't buy as much junk because my "To Buy" list for Market Basket was so short I just grabbed what I needed and was out of there. No roaming the aisles going "oh! I should totally get this"  I think this coming weekend I'm going to hit up Trader Joe's for yummy frozen goodness (hello spinach and artichoke dip!!) and some good snacks.

I realized that I took pictures of my file system make-over, but can't find them anywhere. EEK! Hoping I'll find them hidden somewhere on my mac when I get home. If not, maybe I'll just draw some pictures for you. I'm sure it will have the same effect.

Last week we had snow. And snow=no running for this lady. I'm hoping to get out at least twice this week during work, and hopefully on Saturday before getting ready for the Easter Bunny on Sunday. I am in charge of dessert for dinner at my parents house. I kinda wanna make this, but not sure if it's too weird to then eat the bunny. Thoughts?

Also, we have a winner from last weeks giveaway! Kaitlin...send me a message so we can get things sorted.
Thanks to all that entered!!

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  1. My meal planning has been lame as my work week. lol I am loving the running on your goals!!! That is on mine too and even though I have been feeling yuck I too have been throwing in some workouts.

    Hope your having a fab week so far.