Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekly Goals

Another weekend has come and gone! Hope you all had a great time celebrating St. Paddy's day. I was couch bound most of the day. Don't ask...

We had a great and very busy weekend. The kids were at my parents for a sleepover, so we were able to move the bedroom around (YAY) meet up with some friends for dinner and drinks and general good times. Sunday I met up with another friend for breakfast (sorry again for being a bit out of it Steph!) and then I hung out on my couch. and slept. it was a waste of a day and I hate that.

Moving on, here is this weeks "Weekly Goals" I know. I know. My meal planning has been super lame, but honestly, by the time I get home from picking up the kids it's 6pm which gives me an hour before Taylor goes to bed.. so there's really no time to make anything too wonderful, unless I made it the night before. For example, I'll be making the calzone's for tomorrow night tonight.

The bedroom is moved around, but I still need to find homes for a few things. I managed to clean out my closet last week, and I'm hoping I pack up the winter clothes this week in an effort to force Spring to arrive. Anyone else supposed to get snow tomorrow? Kill me now.

Though not on my "Weekly Goals" list March is my "start running  month", which I have. I usually go out once over the weekend, and now I'm going twice during the week during my lunch break. I had a really hard time on Saturday (I blame the cold and wind) but other than that it's been going pretty well. I just may be ready for "Try on a bikini" month. EEK!

Some amazingly awesome things will be happening on the blog in the next few weeks. Some guests, some giveaways, and yes, Easter Pictures!!!



  1. fun to have you stopping by the blog today. Leopard print eggs are exciting stuff, huh. :)

    you know, this post has me thinking that I ought to start some weekly goals of my own! But oh, "try on a bikini month"...I'm not ready! :)

  2. Come and organize my week! I did a bathroom reno, have 75 people invading my house for a party, and having out of town guests stay over. Save. Me. LOL!

    I'll be on the lookout for that calzone recipe pleaseandthankyou